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I am hoping to add a sail to the wardrobe for my tiki 38 to help in light wind conditions.


At present, with a standard setup and an overbuilt boat, performance suffers in under 10 knots of wind.


I looks like the stays would interfere with a genoa or larger foresail so the sail would be mainly for downwind sailing, however being able to use a larger sail with wind on the beam would be great.


Does anyone know of a design that would suit my requirements or that has worked for them?




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I have had similar experience with Jeckells, expensive, unreliable delivery, however not that bad quality on my Pahi.

the guys in Phuket/thailand (sail makers) can assist you in designing your sails with your own requirements, and they have the most competitive prices in the world....


Hi Dave, I live in my Tiki 38 Amelia in Paraty- RJ, amazing place but with little winds. What was the size of the 
flat cut tri-radial cruising chute with snuffe did you order? Are you happy with?
David Broun said:

Thank you all for your replies. I have ordered a flat cut tri-radial cruising chute with snuffer from Jeckylls. Their service has been excellent, taking the time to reply to my long winded emails and explain the merits of different spinnaker designs and rigging options.

I will let you know how things go once the sail arrives and we are back in the water.



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