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i am just about to paint the interior of the hull soon on my tiki 26 i would like to use a roll on paint but have no idea as to what is suitable as i have had so many differing opinions and it seems as if by magic if you mention ''boat'' add another 100 bucks.

cheers paul.

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I too have been thinking about interior paint.  My concern is the VOCs that off-gas from many paints.  I don't want to expose my kids or myself to them in such an enclosed space.  Has anyone encountered a low VOC paint that would be suitable for marine applications?

why thank you fellas,brian i would have thought an oil based paint would have been the go,but would much rather use acrylic.i agree with you on the extra hype some companies put out,if i remember correctly this started around the time of the sick building syndrome,as a wiseman once said, you gotta follow the moola.

cheers paul.

Thanks Neil.  I'm sure the EU regulations are more strict than here in the states where they seem to be mostly for sale.

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