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I am a happy owner of Tangaroa "Faoileag" made by Tonny Perridge in late 70' in Scotland. Now boat stand on ground for winter period in Odessa, Ukraine. All these years she travelled from Scotland through Biscay, Gibraltar, Italy, Greece, Turkey and finally to Ukraine. All this time she had an English flag. 

Now, I need to put an Ukrainian flag on it because of specific rules for boat owners in my country. 

During registration process Ukrainian Registry of Shipping ordered me to give them all technical, mathematical documentation with naval calculations on this yacht project or to show a Yacht Certificate from any well-known Registry of Shipping (Lloyd's, MCA, Bureau Veritas, RINA etc.) on Wharram's Tangaroa Project to compare this yacht to any standard classes of sailing boats. They need to give me a local Certificate of Ship suitability for sailing in some distance from shore and to put a limits of waves and wind speed for my boat. 

Please, Does anybody have a same situation with registration boat and have any official Certificate or Project Data with hull strength, stability, capsize, wave height and wind speed limits for Tangaroa catamaran. Please Help me!

I have asked from a local ukrainian naval project bureau to calculate all necessary data for my boat. They give me a price on such a project more than my boat costs!

Sincerely yours,


PS: I have already asked all this data officially from wharram.com site but no reply.......just silence!

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I am not sure that any such "Official" data exists that would satisfy your requirements. You might want to consider registering in Panama or some other country that does not require so much officialdom.

I am assuming that you need to put a local flag on her because of citizenship and/or importation into the country. It might be better to look at other options.

It's a sad sign of our times that it's now more difficult to navigate the bureaucracy than it is to navigate the ocean !

It is sad to know that nobody have such an information.

May be it will be useful to me to buy a building plans on Tangaroa.

Does JWD includes any calculations of stability and strength of hulls or any other navigation limits for Tangaroa in "Selling Package"? Or there are only schemes of details inside.

Wharram provides stability calculations based on various wind speeds and sail combinations for a boat that has been built to plans. Are you sure your Tangaroa was built to plans?

Even if it was, the plans are not "certified" and probably will not qualify as as "official" since JWD is not a certified Naval Architect, which is why I was saying I doubt you will ever find what the government is seeking.

Though I have heard of some Wharram's getting various certifications, this occurred because the boats were being inspected by government officials during the build process and modifications were made to suit the certifications.

The only place that I can think of that might have any type of certifications on file for a Tangaroa would be the Panama Canal Authority, which has commercial Ad Measurements for all boats that transit the canal. I know of at least one Tangaroa that transited the canal, but it was a modified version. These still would not offer any "certified" or "official" wind/stability/sea state compatibility calculations.

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