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I'm going to make a set of hull stands for my Tiki 21. I will use them first on a flat bed trailer and then as stands in a workshop for maintenance.

Can anyone provide or suggest how to work out the cross sections at suitable points on the hulls? I expect to cut the sections out of ply or OSB as the basis of the stands.

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My first choice would be a sliding bevel gauge, second would be a pair of 1x2s and a c-clamp, to approximate the angle at the selected point.  Transfer the angle to the plywood and refine it from there.  Support points under existing bulkheads seem to work best.

Ahoy Ian,

     A trick for mocking up things like this is to use common lath and a glue gun.  You have to wait a bit for the glue to cool and set.  Works great to mock up interior furniture panels.  Triangulate for best stability.

This sounds interesting and I think I can guess what you might mean. Could you elaborate a bit on this?

Thanks so much

Sorry, you cut pieces of lath to the approximate lengths of the edges of your cradle, then glue them at the corner points, flat face to flat face, with hot melt glue and a spring clamp.  You have to maintain the angle for a minute while the glue cools and sets.  Having them right up against the actual angle of the hull/keel will ensure a perfect fit.  You can use this for a lot of other things, make a triangle to match an angle, an irregular rectangle to match the shape of a berth or hatch, make any shape for a shelf.  It is actually quicker than measuring and transferring angles to the plywood. 

Many thanks for your help ... now where is my hot glue gun!

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