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We're curious as to how much splashing and waves you get in the forward cockpit of the Tiki 46, and under what conditions?

Hans, I see you have raised the height of the cabins in the hull in the area of the cockpit; does that help deflect waves?

Has anyone else done anything that would help reduce splashing and deflect waves in rough conditions?

Thanks - Rusty & Taunya

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Hi Rusty,

     On Peace IV, we get splashing on deck if we go real fast close hauled in rough conditions.  But saying that, when we were doing 16 knots under sail with wind off the quarter, our foredeck was dry.  

     Ann and Nev

it's wet... only downwind you are dry... if the water does not come from the front, it will come through the gap on the side between the hull and deck... everything higher then 90 to the wind and 1 plus meter of waves is wet sailing... i can recoment the heavy weather gear from guy cotton (french). 

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