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Hi All,

I need to know the number of lashings and what type of line and what size of line to use.

I am refitting my friends' 43' Narai "Windchime"

I have rebuilt the bulwerks, reglassed the decks and cabin tops, replaced the steel beams with 2' wider ones and now I am getting close to being finished. The last coat of Awlgrip has been applied and now it's time to fit the beams in permanently.

Can anyone share with me the appropriate lines and sizes I should use. I don't have the original lines that I removed when starting the project to use as a reference.

Thank you all in advance.


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I was interested to hear of the use of nylon beam lashings as this reminds me of a situation some years ago which bI heard about . It was a large Wharram , may even have been a Gaia . The owner was having trouble keeping polyester lashings tight enough and eventually used nylon with great success. I am loathe to recommend this as it goes against the Wharram plans but some one out there may know about this boat and be able to comment on the longer term outcome. I understand nylon could be more susceptible to sun damage ??

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