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A ten year old boy will be joining Nev and me when we next sail south in Peace and he will be with us for the entire school year.  We will need a home schooling program for this A student.  Are any of you involved with a program you enjoy?  Jordan will be in the fourth grade.  I did home schooling with my two kids thirty years ago but hope we can find a program we will like better.  Thanks, Ann

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Hi Ann,

We're not using a pre-set curriculum, but we'll ask around our home school friends and see if anyone has something that they'd like to donate that they were happy with when their kids were younger.

Also - get on the Yahoo group for Mass Home Learning Advocates (MHLA) and/or Advocates for Home Education in Mass (AHEM).

They are LOADED with resources and advice.

Hope to see you soon.


Thanks so much, Bob,

     Jordan is an A student in public school with an ill single mum and dad is not involved.  Her mother can take the two younger lads, but Jordan will come with us and we are delighted.  He loves  the boat and wants to be a carpenter so that's a good fit.  He is a serious lad and Nev and I feel easy with this decision.  I hope to bring him with us when we see your school program in the spring.

     X  Ann and Nev

Hi Ann,

The easiest curriculum we found for use while traveling was Calvert. It provides everything you need, as well as daily lesson plans with exactly what must be accomplished each day. This is great if you're concerned about missing something that might be required when he gets back into regular school. It also works well to prove to the state what he has studied for the year. (Required documentation depends on the state the child is from  - here in Florida I have to keep a portfolio that is reviewed by a certified teacher each year.) There are cheaper ways to go about it, and it's certainly possible to make up your own curriculum completely. I think I've done it all. I just found that if I had a set plan, I knew when I could call it a day and not feel guilty. Some days the girls finished all their work in 2 hours. That would drive a type A person crazy with worry that the child wasn't learning what he should. With fixed lesson plans I didn't have to be concerned.  I also tried to avoid learning that required the internet as we didn't always have it while sailing. I  preferred the girls sitting up on deck with a book than down below in front of a computer screen.


Here we go again!   Last time I did home schooling, it was for my own two kids and it was against the law.  I just did it anyway and had the kids tested before and after to prove that they started home schooling a year behind and finished home schooling 9 months later a year and a half ahead.  This got published in the local paper and made the school look bad so we were not favorites of the school system after that. 

In this situation, it is not my kid, so I think I must strive to be more compliant with regulations and also document our progress so we are seen to do right by the boy.  Luckily it is no longer against the law to home school now but the requirements are fussy and I think it will just be easier to comply using some recognized system.  Likely this A student will do fine regardless.  I will look into Calvert and hope some other folks will have alternative suggestions so we will have a plan B. 

It is wonderful how much help one can get on this site.   Love y'all,  Ann and Nev

Who was it who said, teach them to navigate and that will be more than they learn at school for a year? or some such thing.Hans klaars old man i think.

I beleive public education (in the US) to be highly overated, I am a prime example of this. I was once told, if i won my wrestling match i would receive a passing grade. I can say this now because it was 40 years ago, and i cannot incriminate anyone.

I  have read many times that kid's living aboard were physically, mentally, and most importantly socially better developed than those that are landlocked. I think Jordan will get a far better education with Ann and Neville, no matter what homeschool curricullum is used. Jordan is a very lucky young man indeed!

   Carpentry is an excellent pursuit, and where better to learn than on  Peace IV. We just celebrated the birthday of probably the most famous man to walk the earth, he too was a carpenter, and a fisherman, as well as a man of peace. 


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