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Hi, for all aficionados of outcast living. Here is an article about Alex Klaar. It is interesting how his cruising choices differ from his brothers ones. He goes for heavy, steel, and one hull. He shows good skills and creativity too.

He surely would make a fine character of Jack London novels.

(no comment on criminal accusation here)


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Thanks for the heads up. man i copped a shellacking for noting my admiration for these independent minded sailors on another forum.

Continue to admire these IMS, I too find them inspirational to a degree and I do not have criminal tendencies!

paul anderson said:

Thanks for the heads up. man i copped a shellacking for noting my admiration for these independent minded sailors on another forum.

i meet Alex last week. we sailed with wakataitea up a river here in Madagascar to see his house... and boat.

alex is really not this guy, described in this article. for me, his acts more like a family man. not a outlaw etc.

i showed him some of the stuff written in the internet. he had a good laugh and is a bit upset about some details. special regarding the murder story etc.


he hasn't seen his brother for the last 20 years and when we sailed on wakataitea together he said it is a great boat and rig (designed by hans klaar). he is planing the build a proa in the moment and would like to us the same sort of sails.

one thing for sure. he is like his brother gifted with a lot of skills. his boat is really some thing. outside and inside... his partner "cider" is a lovely and intelligent (Malagasy) women. they live together since 8 years and navigated around the world together.

my advice to you out there... don't believe all that is written in the internet... meet the people and you will be surprised...

i made some film from his boat inside... will post it some...

was a real pleasure to meet Cider and Alex. by the way... the link doe not work any more... hmmm

found only this http://www.sailfeed.com/?s=alex+klaar

my feeling is that it is not the tendency of the fellows here to believe the crap of media and press . i will be really pleased to meet this two talentuous guys

Thank god there are people like this still in this world.I didnt believe a lick of what was written about either of them.They choose to live outside the norm of society and this makes some people nervous.It always has.Dont wander to far from the flock you will be shunned!.Ocean cruising has become accessible to the rich yuppie crowd because of GPS,AIS,etc and they want to enforce there bland ,sterile,SAFE, fear based mentality on that world to.I live in San Francisco. This was a great maritime city of free thinkers,outlaws,freaks,traders,hard working immigrants who all lived in a 49 square mile area.Since the late 80's it has become a very dim shadow of its past,its un believably expensive,pretentious and BLAND.Right on Hanz and Alex!.

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