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hi guys ,luv your work. can any one tell me whether i need to flush my 9.9 yamahas after every use, or can i leave it for (how long?) a while when away cruising. thanks chaps.

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Hi, I run 15 Hondas. When day sailing I flush after each use.I flush with fresh water first then I flush with Salt Away.Never any problems.When cruising and not wanting to waste fresh water I would not worry about it. Or, maybe flush a few seconds with Salt Away.
We ran two Yamaha 9.9s for 7 years cruising over 30,000 miles. Never flushed with anything. No problem. Ann and Nev
IMPORTANT NOTE - We don't flush the engines with fresh water after each use, because there is never enough extra fresh water aboard a cruising sailboat. The engines do drain when lifted and ours are lifted at anchor and while we are sailing. Nev does change the annode (located above the prop) twice a year. Ann and Nev
thanks craig, anne and neville. thats exactly the advise i was after.cheers.
that is interesting,it has been suggested to me by several yamaha techs that flushing is very important to keep waterpassages from getting clogged,I believe the quality of the water, salinity ,mud ,brackish water has a lot to do with it,i have had problems keeping the yamahas 9.9 unclogged, so i rinse with fresh water as often as i can,as well as use salt away,and also flush with vinegar thru the thermostat
The only thing that has ever clogged on our motors is the small rubber tell tale pipe that squirts the water out. It is readily removable and cleanable by simply squishing it and blowing through.

All of our cruising is in salt water except for the Dismal Swamp for 3 days each spring and autumn so the fresh water there kills the bottom growth. Also we often stop at the top of the Chesapeake for a couple of days for the same reason.

Ann and Nev
Hi Ann and Nev
Charles Kanter (surveyor) has written a exelent article in Multihull mag(I do not know what issue) about how to maintain the 9.9 four stroke yamaha called"the yamaha 9.9 four stroke, a user/surveyor perspective by Charles
E. Kanter.very useful info for anyone using the 9.9 four stroke.

Hi to all,

i am new here and find these threads interesting and helpful.

Our 9.9 runs since 1993 in the Adrian and Ionian Sea (Greece). 

We pull the engine out off the water at every stop. Vital to prevent growth/corrosion and save on anodes.

Removed the thermostat to ensure full cooling water flow, not needed for it in summer conditions.

Every two years we run the engine in a tank with buffered acid for some 15min to get rid of the salt crust inside the cooling passages. Open the thermostat cover to check how much salt is inside your engine.

We have issues with fuel gumming up the carburettor after wintering...does anyone know which type of fuel stabiliser may help? Don't know what to do with extra fuel after the season.

Season greetings from Lake Geneva sinking in snow...

Cheers Mirko 


Salut Mirko

Petit bonjour de genève, si tu es part là on peu se boire un verre une fois.



Salut Olivier,

sympa ton hello,

J'ai lu les soucis d'epoxie, en train de construire un Wharram? Je te donnerais un coup de main.

Je partage un Tiki 30 avec un autre famille. Rien que l'entretien de notre "Reggae" nous occoupe bien pendant les vacances d'ete...

Volontiers pour une bierre, je habite la Tour-de-Peilz.

roux olivier said:

Salut Mirko

Petit bonjour de genève, si tu es part là on peu se boire un verre une fois.



Hi, just to upset the apple cart here, I have recently replaced my Yamaha 9.9 High thrusts, due entirely to severe corrosion in expansion chamber at rear of engine below Engine cover release. I have been told by others (including out board Mechanics ) that this is common. One engine was 7x years old when it should have been replaced ( sounded like a tractor ) Apparently the salt water stays in this area if not flushed regulary and corrodes. I ALWAYS tilt up my engines and anodes are fine. I suspect this causes the water to be trapped in this area. However, I do NOT always flush.

Give your yamahas a enema today, to keep everything  moving as it should..

My 2.5 cents worth

Ces problèmes  semblent courant sur les Yamaha. Peut-être   Tohatsu ?

These problems seem common on Yamaha. Perhaps Tohatsu?

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