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I am building a Tiki 26. Before fitting the floor and the bunks, i would like to know, if some water can come inside of the boat specially in heavy seas. So i am going to install a manuel pump in each hull whith a pipe going to the lowest part of the hull.
I would make a hole in the bottom of bulkead 3 and 4, so that water can run to the pipe.
What do you think about this idea. Thank you for your answers.

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Although this thread has come to a halt, I would like to add a comment. SAMSA (South African Marine Safety Authority), the people who like to re-invent the boat, have made it compulsory to have a management system that allows to evacuate every section of a ship individually. That means you either have to install x number of pumps, or make a complicated piping system with pumps, pipes, valves, through bulkheads never mind. So I have 4 water proof section in each hull. So I had to make holes in each of the bulkheads, install pipes and valves (to re-establish the waterproof integrity of each section), and then add electrical as well as manual pumps. This on a wooden catamaran that can not sink. Shame.

I am not a racist, but why do people who are new to government have to change things that they do not understand? No, we are not talking about a bulk carrier. Just a sailing boat over 30 foot. Wind and waves do not bother me. But those!

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