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Fourteen years after to have purchase the plan of the Tiki46 N°2 the boat is ready for lauch.

After to have dismantle she, all the parts are put out of the hangar. The more difficult job was to put out the hulls because the ground is not very smooth outside :

Sorry to don't have yet actualise the blog of her building. I'll complete the blog in a few weeks after the launch.

Initially I plan to transport her a few days ago, but the transporter has been unable to do the job before his holidays, so GRAND PHA will join the marina of Brest to be reassemble the 27 August and will be launched a week later.....

To know more about the last parts of her building, have a look at the website of my wife :

Web site of Grand PHA


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Thank you Mary

Yesterday evening I spent a lot of time and money in trying to put comments and photos here from my boat with a 3G key.

So today I finish the report until the launch day only :

In the Tuesday afternon, although only the inner lashings were made, the masts are lifted just above their grvity center to be placed and bolted in each hull, and the pod is put on the beams.


The next days we tied the deck parts, pod, finished the lashing and reconected the electricity wires between th pod and the hulls and motors commands. The Tuesday evenng we had the surprise to see «ORYX», the new catamaran of Peter Hill and Carly arrived under sails ( one mast on each hull with tabernacles) and to anchore near the marina and the tomrrow he help us.          

Oryx at Rostiviec when we visited them a few days before the transport of GRAND PHA :

The Monday 17th Grand PHA is floating for the first time after to have been transort a few meter lower at low tide with a trailer hanging the boat under the beams.

End of the building of GRAND PHA

Now it's time to turn a new page and to begin a new blog : "Sailing with GRAND PHA TIKI46 N°2" .



Fantastic!   It makes me cry with joy to see your finished boat!  How wonderful it is to know she dances in the salt water and will be rocking you both to sleep soon.  Congratulations both and to your children also.  Ann and Nev

Thank you Ann and Nev.

My plan now is to finish to prepare GRAND PHA to sail safely offshore in the nice place of Port Launay on the river Aulne. I think to be ready to sail to UK in one week.

Bertrand and Marie Helene

bravo , encore bravo , j ai des larmes dans les yeux de penser à votre joie de voir  ce tres beau bateau enfin sur l eau, je vous souhaite mille bonnes et belles choses et encore félicitations pour ce travail de fou , une belle chose de plus est posé sur l ocean. avec toute mon admiration , jeanphi.

Merci Jean-Philippe.Encore un peu de travail pour qu'il soit complètement opérationnel.

Où est ton Pahi42?


Congrats for both of you, she looks great and I wish you great time and sailing on her... as Luis said, hope to see you in Uruguay or wherever we are ....


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