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I have been trying to get a price on the Bellmann (Mastervolt) electric engines in the USA, as we will be there in mid january, and we could buy two and bring them back to Australia.  We are "sailing" from New York to Sydney on the Queen Mary.  The price in OZ is ridiculous, about double the manufacturers price in Holland.  If anyone could help by finding a price in the USA for the 10KW model (fixed & steerable) we would really appreciate it.  The QM calls in at Fort Lauderdale where we could pick up the motors.  Cunard is quite happy for us to ship them back to Oz in our cabin!!!!
Best regards,
John & Kat

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At my eyes, the big advantage of a good  electric   propulsion system is to have a greater autonomy. Sure the price is higher but if you keep your system in good health during 30 years it's not so high comparing the use of 3 or 4  pair of outboards along the same time.

And sure, year after year the price of the fuel will be more and more expensive. My choice has been to put a parallel hybrid propulsion system in each hull for a better reliability. The electric engines will be used almost all the time when arriving and departure of crowded  anchorages and the diesel engines will be used at the minimum only when necessary. So It'll be possible to stay a long time in isolated areas or to stay on high sea only for the pleasure without to be worry with the need of fuel .

When cruising I think to have enough electric energy to use electricity for the kitchen avoiding to burn gaz or fuel. In bad weather it could be possible to slow the boat in generating electricity with one propeller and in running slowly backward the other propeller. At anchor if there is a problem with the anchor, the electric motors are able to be used immediately.

Present time the electricity storage is the problem,  but a new generation of cheapper batteries than the lithium ions are coming soon on the market in which the lead will be replaced by foam of carbon. These batteries are lighter with a longer life time.

I'll inform you of my experiences with a such system in a few months after her launching.

John & Kat, don't be discouraged by all these negative point of views if you want to be more independent from the fuel and its abusive taxes and to don't waste a so precious liquid from the earth. Until today all has been done to discourage the electric boats and  cars in order to keep a monopole on the energy and to get a huge mount of taxes.


I owe you an appology for discouraging your dream of having a non petroleum power source for your boat.  It is a lovely dream and I must agree they are working on it.  I just am so over eager to see you out here with us on the ocean... and I must also admit I love our outboards which work for us but are not needed very often.  Keep dreaming because the dreams are good and if you keep at it, they will come true.  Ann and Nev


Many thanks for you're support, we really appreciate any advice, thoughts and ideas on this system.  We will keep a lookout for these new batteries you mention.  They sound very promising.

Best regards,

John & Kat

Ann & Nev,

No apology is necessary.   We realise your enthusiasm with your system, and respect your choices.  It works for you and that is all that is needed. And we know you respect our journey.  It just disappoints me when some people try and discredit your dream and ideas, without any respect for individual dreams . As I said previously, just plain rude & ignorant.  I can just imagine him telling Wilbur & Orville Wright that their machine would never get off the ground and would amount to nothing.   Fortunately for us all, they ignored the doomsayers as well.


John & Kat

Unfortunately in an open forum an almost inevitable consequence is the occasional uncalled-for rude outburst. They need to be taken for what they are worth....

So ignore them and continue to plan and dream, just try not to stray too far from reality! Personally, I would love to have e-motors on my T36 build but after investigating all the costs it became clear that it was not going to fit into my budget until storage technology changes significantly. Even with the promising battery technologies now being developed I don't think we are going to see any significant combination of weight and price drop for several years at least. But if you can afford it I think they make a lot of sense.  

Dear John, Kat, and Orville,

We are sorry we jostled your rose colored glasses. We wish you luck in your wind powered electric sailing machine. You now have a moral obligation to keep this site informed on your successes with this system. I love it when someone else is funding the experiment! Don't forget pictures and a complete description of the system. If you have a blog, I'll follow it. When do you start?




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