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Drawing/dimensions for Tiki 30 trailer based on Wharram Tiki 21 trailer design

Hey all, 

I'm planning to build a trailer for my (to-be-built) Tiki 30 that follows the Wharram plans for the Tiki 21 trailer (which I've purchased from Wharram Designs).

Has anyone here worked out the dimensions to upsize these plans to be used for the Tiki 30?  If so, can you share a drawing (or just the dimensions you used for the overall trailer size)?


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Hey Stewart, we are about to build a Tiki 30 in addition to my Tiki 21, and I lived in Belize City for a while myself! Are you planning to build the trailer style with the box cradle setup? Check this out as well.......http://tiki30build.blogspot.com/2013/06/tiki-30-assembely-practic-r...

Hey Brad, thanks for your reply and the link.  Small world . . .

Yes, I'm planning to build the box cradle trailer, just like in the Tiki 21 plans. I could be talked out of it if you think the boat trailer style in your link would work much better.

My initial thoughts are that the box cradle style gives me more flexibility, especially during the building phase--I could set up the boat on the ground anywhere, whereas with the boat trailer style it seems like the only way to get the hulls off the trailer is into water.  So, during building, I can set up the boat on any flat ground so I can work out beam placement and final fit of the cocpit, tramps, etc. 

My plan for launching is to assemble it on the ground and then lift it into the water using a standard boat lift (with a sling on each hull), also using the boat list to raise the mast.  In a situation where a boat lift is not available, it seems like I should still be able to just push the hulls off the box cradle trailer into the water.

So, the box cradle style seems like it offers a bit more, but I'd definitley like to hear your thoughts.  Thanks.

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