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I've bought my tiki 5 years ago. no documets at all. Just money on hands.

no problem for 5 years since I used to sail on summer time and come back in winter time with my tiki on a trailer.

Now I want to leave my tiki in a croatian marina and.....they want document!

How does it works with self building boats? Am I supposed to have a Project number to ask documents for my boat or what?

I don't know the builder's name, but I'm sure it's an original tiki

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Aie Aie Aie. I suggest you stay with your trailer. I had to pay VAT for my boat to get papers. That was not cheap. Survey + 20% of the estimated value. I had to because too big to be on a trailer (38).

wow. no other way?

nobody else has boat documents?

Ciao Adriano,

is this the former TomTom?

I think in Croatia you need a paper, that shows you as the real owner of the boat.

In Austria we have to register the boat to get a "Seebrief", which is a document that shows that the boat belongs to you
and has to go under austrian flag. Maybe there is something similar in Italy. Ask one of your harbor officials in Italy.



adriano meis said:

wow. no other way?

nobody else has boat documents?

Here is a link to an article from the UK Royal Yachting Association, which is an organisation that looks after the interests of boat users.  It's talking about UK people visiting Croatia by boat, so it might not tell you how to solve the problem, but maybe it will help.




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