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James Wharram Design's very popular Tiki 26 catamaran is now available in fiberglass. This fiberglass version, called the "Tiki 8 Meter" is being produced by Boatsmith, Inc. in Florida, USA. These boats are vacuum bagged with vinylester resin with Divynicell foam core for lightness, stiffness and freedom from rot. These boats are available with the standard Tiki wingsail gaff rig or fully battened Marconi rig. Boatsmith's Tiki 8M will be exhibited at the Annapolis Boatshow in mid October. For more information contact Boatsmith at:
(561) 744-0855

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So, when are you planning to do the Tiki 46 the same way? This was planned when we first started Peace back in Britain in the late 90s, but nothing happened. I think it would be a popular boat. ann and Nev
I look forward to seeing more about the glass/foam Tiki 26. Any thoughts about doing a larger Wharram in glass/foam?
Hi Ann and George, We will build any of Wharrams designs in glass foam as customers desire.Which one do you want?? We are custom boatbuilders... we build YOUR dreams.
Our two Tiki 8ms are coming along nicely. We have all four hulls complete and are working on the decks and interior liners now. We have the rigs and sails. We had hoped to have one ready for the Annapolis show but it didn't happen. We are now planning on showing our first 8m at Saint Pete in Dec. Here are some photos as well. At this point the next model we plan to build in foam/glass is a Tiki 36. Not like the one that JWD built years back but a longer sleeker Tiki 30 with more freeboard, bridge deck clearance, beam, sail area,and some sort of pod for some on deck shelter. But this could change if somebody ponies up for a different model. Cheers David
Glad to hear that progress is being made with good things happening and some smiles to boot.
Now that you are up to your ?elbows? in composite Wharram Cats, would you wax philosophic and poetic about wood versus composite in a compare and contrast sort of way.

We are likely to be mono-hullers for another year or two but do have a case of catamaran fever, and I have assumed that plywood epoxy was the the best compromise of lo-tech and hi-tech, keeping in mind that hi-tech repairs in some parts of the world are difficult and expensive. Having an insulated hull is a wonderful thing. Having a hull that is affordable to build is also a wonderful thing. In the smaller sizes (?toy boats?) it seems that foam glass affords an owner the luxury of something that does not go to heck in a hand basket at the first sign of ignore and neglect. It is different however when folks are looking for a home and full time lifestyle commitment and plan to keep up appearances and maintain the wood structures.
We are completeing now the mold for a Wharram Ariki in Fiberglass foam core.
Beatyfull shape...keep the mold...this is my dream's boat

We are completing a 42' modified Tiki made of Glass and Epoxy- with laminated beams held in gusseted boxed filled with flexible epoxy. The decks and upper structures are made from epoxy/glass/closed cell styrofoam. Our experience with dry and wet rot in epoxy saturated ply has made us cautious about employing those materials again. See my page on this site for pictures.

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