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Hey folks,

My partner and I are water lovers in our late 20's and want sailing experience. We are going to Florida after Christmas 2016 and would love to make the trip on a Wharram to give sailing a try. It doesn't seem like anyone is operating such a business so I thought this would be the best place to try and make it a reality.

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I'll need some crew late April/Early may sailing my Tiki 21 around on the Gulf side of Florida. My girlfriend has to go back to work in early April :(

We'll be sailing our Pahi 42 in the Florida Keys January-March 2017. You're welcome to sail with us if you'll be in the area at that time.

I didn't really expect a response the same day, not to mention 2 responses.

Brad, thanks but we're stuck in central Texas during the school year and growing season. Robert, we will be in Florida at least the first week of January and will definitely let you know if we can get down to the Keys.

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