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i am new on group, with a question.
in Portugal when we register a boat for amateur construction, we must
submit proof that the boat design is according to the desired navigation
Anyone have experience on how to register oceanica, class 1, (no limit navigation) tiki  30 or tiki 38

Thank you
good winds

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Old thread... For anyone coming with the same question: try asking Claude Martel of Boutny. His Tiki 38 has CE certification.

In France it's very difficult  so to get the French flag for amateur builders. it's why I asked the Belgium flag which is available for all the Europeans countries even if you don't live in Belgium. It's possible so with the Dutch flag but there are problems after to get the radio licence of the boat with its MMSI number.

Sorry to be short, but our long range wifi connexion is very unstable.

You can have a look at the guy who got my Belgium flag : Belgium flag


The belgium tax for circulation is 2832 € , the Dutch flag is free .Once you got Ducht one , you can get  French flag without CE control neither tax and get radio licence . And turn the real flag a 1/4 turn ...

hello , sorry for my english , I have a pahi 42 and like bertrand I have a belgium flag , my boat was built in 1996 and I paid 50 euros for the belgium flag .

Parce que tu as acheté une construction amateur de plus de 10 ans .  Mais si tu construis ton bateau cette année et que tu prends le pavillon Belge il t'en coutera 2478 € plus 450 € de frais de dossier si tu passes par ce site :


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