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Some observations.

I notice that the classics have a bulwark that looks be around 6"-150mm and that the newer designs have just a toerail.

I have also seen modifications that substitute the bulwark for headroom.

Very few Wharrams have lifelines.

I've seen stories about repairing rot in and around bulwarks which maybe due to the older pre-epoxy build methods.

So.... my question is, on the classic designs is the substantial bulwarks a good thing or not ? Would you prefer the headroom or are they a highly desirable(safety) feature ?

Context. I'm looking at used Wharrams or possibly building a Tanenui.

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All of the Classics still have bulwarks in the plans. MKIVs have the least bulwark. Everything on a Wharram is subject to rot, especially anywhere water can sit or get trapped (bulwarks, beam troughs, hatch coamings, etc.)

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