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The bulwarks on my Hinemoa are in need of replacement. As part of the reason they rotted out was due to the screws holding them on, I would like to replace without screws. Just a flexible adhesive. I am having some issues wrapping my head around how to clamp the new bulwarks on without screws while the glue cures.

Any thoughts?

At the moment my hulls have over a hundred screw holes from the previous bulwarks. There is no way I can reuse them so I would be looking at another hundred holes in my hulls. Not a pleasant thought. All that rot just waiting to happen. As it is I am repairing a bit of rot in other places caused by penetrations in the glass. 

Also I am converting to lash on rudders as my pintle /gudgeon set up was rubbish. Any tips on converting a classic to tiki style rudders?

Thanks much

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Perhaps you can reuse the old holes of the screws. If you drill a wider and deeper hole in them, then you can fill them with thickened epoxy, and then you screw the new bulwarks on these holes. That is, you screw the screws in the thickened epoxy, not in the wood.

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