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Tiki 46 Peace IV is for sale. 

We built Peace in Britain and all during the built, someone from the Wharram Design office came to our work site and guided us in our build.  Often is was James and Hanneke and sometimes Ruth who came and we saw a lot of John Barker who drew up the build book.  There are very few deviations from the plans and all have been approved by the design team. 

Peace was built using finest materials throughout including Marine grade top quality Okume (Gaboon) plywood and West System epoxy. 

New Halyards and sail covers  last year.  

Sails inspected, cleaned, and repaired last year. 

We were all loaded up for the trip south last year when we determined that Neville's health was not up to the trip and his sailing days are over.  We then unloaded the boat after 12 years and over 50,000 miles of living aboard.  We spent the autumn cleaning and preparing her for sale. 


Monitor wind vane

two 20 hp Yamaha engines

80 pound Monson Supreme anchor with 200 ft of 5/16 grade 40 high test chain and appropriate multiplait nylon  about the same length.

60 pound Spade anchor with same chain and rode set up

Ideal electric windlass with its own battery.  Can be operated from bow or helm position.

Four 100 amp hour batteries *

Smart charger

Honda 1000 generator

GPS already loaded with our favorite US anchorages from New England to Bahamas

VHF  heard clearly for 27 miles in Bahamas where I ran a weather net.

Wichard shackels aloft (because they are reliable)

LED nav and interior lights

Rain water collection system

Much more

Boat located on a protected dock in North Carolina, USA.

Peace is British built and has SSR numbers but is now duty paid in America.  Neville built six boats before he and I built Peace.

Photos on our page or on this website or available from me.  Sailing video of Peace IV and Jacque's boat Pilgrim is available on Utube "Morning Sail" and also available on Jacque's page this web site. Contact me through this website or svpeacefour@yahoo.com

(We are now looking for a lobster type boat with pilot house so Nev can safely go to sea.)


Ann and Nev

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We have been remembering some of the cruising voyages we have taken in Peace IV.  One of the most amusing was what we call "the voyage of 13 knots" which was just a day sail from near the Savanna River in Georgia to Charleston in South Carolina just along the coast heading north in the springtime after wintering in the Bahamas.

We were not in any kind of hurry - just dawdling along -  and looking for a pleasant trip.  So we started with all sail set in reaching light air and Peace was happy to do 13 knots while we relaxed on deck and the auto helm took over the steering for us.  As the wind increased, we dropped the foresail into its custom Gaff Pack sail cover which is very much like a Stack Pack. (More on this later)  So now we were under the roller furling jib and the full main, and Peace continued with the steady but increasing reaching wind still doing 13 knots.  The auto helm continued managing the steering and we made some hot cocoa and relaxed out in the fore deck and Peace continued on her own and in control.

When the wind increased again and went a bit astern, we dropped the main using the Gaff Pack system and raised the fore sail again and rolled up the jib.  But Peace was still happy doing 13 knots while we had lunch and the auto helm was happy too. There were white caps all around us but we were still out on deck relaxing.

Finally we had so much wind, we dropped the fore and unrolled the jib and sailed on at 13 knots with the wind now slightly aft of the mast as we followed the coastline a little to the east and now and again there was a bit of spray on the bows. As the wind increased more and more, we took one roll in the jib and then another and  another, and still Peace just loved doing the same 13 knots and the autohelm continued to cope with the self steering and we were laid back enjoying it all with another cuppa cocoa wondering why Peace seems to like the number 13 so much.  Guess she is not superstitious.

The wind got lighter again, so Nev raised the fore and I rolled up the jib and we expected to sail in to Charleston that way with the speedo on #13, but Peace, and a sudden wind shift, decided to play a trick on Neville.  Just as we entered the jetty, the wind increased suddenly and opposite to the rushing tide so there were overfalls in the harbor entrance, and this was complicated by one freighter which was coming out while another was coming in and we were potentially the jam in the middle. We lowered and started the engines and Nev decided to drop the fore so he went up to the foremast to do that.  Just then a particularly strong gust picked up the cresting waves in the jetty and soaked him from head to foot.  I could almost hear Peace laughing!  But I could not hear what Nev said at that moment.  

Peace goes lots faster than 13 knots when we have young folks with us, but she is so easy for us old folks to handle at more moderate speeds, we prefer sailing that way. Well, that was true until last year when Nev's balance became too unreliable and we had to put Peace on the market. He is too old now for deck work and I am too old to sail such a big boat solo even though I had lots of solo sailing in a smaller boat before we met.  It is hard to let Peace go, but she does want a new family to head her out to sea now. We took the whole winter to unload all our stuff off of her and she came well up in the water, then we scrubbed her in the spring and she has been for sale for a couple of months now.  

Now, about the Gaff Pack:

The first innovative sail covers for Peace were of our own design and a friend with a strong sewing machine made them for the main and the fore sails.  They were good but kind of floppy.  Then we had brand new ones made by our friends here in Oriental at Hodges Street Sail Repair and these are super strong and handsome and there is no more floppy.  Laura used to work at Doyle sails and she knows all about Stack Packs so we benefited from her experience. The gaffs are neatly accommodated in what she calls Gaff Packs and the sail is more easily contained too. We use the same lazy jack system but there are more attachments and the tops of the packs are better supported.  It is all done with a lot more skill and forethought. Working with Gil and Laura was fun and the whole town is devoted to cruising and boats, and we live here now.  If you want Gaff Packs, come here and let Gil and Laura fit them for you.  They really work!

We have lots of friends here on Wharram Builders and Friends so a bit of personal news will hopefully be forgiven.  Nev continues with poor balance but high spirits and we are both enjoying our land life in the red brick house at the corner of Mildred and First here in Oriental, NC.  We are members of the Ocean Cruising Club and have become Port Captains so hospitality to distant cruisers is our pleasure.  Cruisers can grocery  shop, get to a West Marine, visit the Marine Consignment store, Provision Center, get outboards fixed in nearby Bayboro, and go to the best hardware store on the east coast where jokes are a great part of the business and lots of boat equipment is on the shelves.  Over half the town has been cruising and actually there are twice as many boats as people. Directions are often given boat style..."Keep the water to starboard and walk along until you come to Mildred.  Then turn to port and walk another block to Ann and Nev's" might be the directions from the Bean Cafe which is right by town dock.  It is a great place for us here in this small town which is socially a lot like an anchorage.  My garden is huge and growing faster and faster while Nev has learned to use the ride em lawn mower.  He has a huge barn of a shed with all his tools and projects keeping him busy.    

All the best to all of you.  Please feel free to write us about Peace.  She does want a new family and she is all ready to go to sea again.  

Ann and Nev

Note to John James, 

Yes, John, Peace IV is still for sale.  We have three families interested in buying her and they have visited the boat two times each.  Once Peace sells, we will be able to buy a power boat which I believe will be easier for Neville.  His balance is not good enough for him to be safe on deck any more.  At age 72, and 79, I think we have done well with her over the past 12 years.  Now it is time for Peace to have new owners.

Everybody sail as much as you can because old age can come suddenly.  All the best,

Ann and Nev

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