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We have had several emails and phone calls lately asking if our boat is still for sale - yes she is.  

You can see over 100 photos of Peace on our page just by clicking on the pic associated with our name and then scrolling on our page to the photographs section.  We are asking $135,000 now $110,000 US and will be happy to show the boat by appointment.  At one time we had a broker, but now we are not as busy as we were, so can show her ourselves.  Peace is in the water in North Carolina only 10 min from our home.  Our local airport is in New Bern, North Carolina and we would be happy to pick you up at the airport if needed.

We built Peace in Britain where she was registered on the small ship's registry, but now she has had American duty paid and she has Rhode Island registration which will soon be changed to North Carolina registration.

Feel free to contact us by email svpeacefour@yahoo or on the phone 401 261 7816

Ann and Nev

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The reason Peace is for sale, is that Neville and I have become old people.  Peace wants younger people to take her out and let her off the leash so she can sail with the rhythms of wind and waves that she was built for.  She gave us 12 years of full time live aboard and wonderful memories.  Now we must let her find her next family.  

If you are interested, come visit us, see the boat, and make an offer.  

Ann and Nev

Ann and Nev,

Oh, if we had the money we'd be all over it. I hope you're doing well down there and I also hope you're able to sell the boat soon!

We miss you guys up here!

Take good care,


A partial list of equipment for Peace IV

Monitor Wind Vane with tiller pilot operating the wind paddle so Peace keeps a compass course.  This works better because she accelerates fast and that confuses the Monitor due to the apparent wind coming forward in gusty conditions.  This tiller pilot is attached to a shortened air paddle via a long very light pole and it worked beautifully all across the Atlantic using only a tiny amount of power.  The monitor steering can be operated without any drag from the wheel steering system.  Nev cleverly made that possible

Wheel Autohelm steering which works nicely when coastal sailing

Wheel hand steering which is light and sensitive and very strong and simple

All LED lighting throughout and also aloft

All shackles aloft are Wichard very strong.

New halyards

Recent VHF

GPS chart plotter

refrigerator with separate battery, solar panels, and regulator

Four large solar panels for the house with separate batteries(4) and regulator

Smart charger capable of charging all batteries

Electric windlass by Ideal - custom made for the boat

80 pound Monson Supreme anchor with 200 ft high test 5/16 chain backed by 150 ft multiplait nylon rode

60 pound CQR type anchor with similar chain and rode (both anchors can be lifted with the electric windlass

Ideal Windlass has its own battery and it is charged with the smart charger

Honda generator which can be used with smart charger

Two Yamaha 20 HP outboard engines with their own batteries and alternators

Both engines can be lifted entirely out of the water for greater speed under sail

New stack pack style sail covers which cleverly accommodate the gaff jaws

Booms for main and fore sails.  (makes sail handling easier)

Foresail sheets led aft

Jib sheets led aft

Travelers for foresail and main sails using Garhauer blocks, cars, and tracks.  So much easier now!

Blocks aloft all Garhauer and over sized for ease of use.

The main thing about the Tiki 46 is the incredible amount of privacy in this design.  We have lots of guests and it is easy to get away and take a nap as needed or just read for a while.  Each cabin has its own entrance.  The galley area is huge with plenty of seating, ventilation and storage capacity.  

Nev and I are elderly but until Nev lost his balance, we handled the boat easily on our own including lots of offshore sailing as well as coastal and Intra Coastal Waterway.  I have single handed other boats including trans Atlantic, but Peace is just too big for an old lady like me now.  I have arthritis and so does Nev.  I am 72 and he is almost 80  That is why she is for sale at this time.The problem is not the boat - the problem is us getting old!

We built Peace with simplicity as our main interest.  So she is simple by design and our strong preference.  However, you can put in pressure water systems, flush toilets, showers, and all the rest if that is what you really want.  We have done over 50,000 miles of cruising in this boat in the past 12 years living full time aboard at anchor and on on moorings we owned in Bahamas for the winter and New England for the summer.  We have five trans Atlantics between us and I did a lot of single handing on my old boat. Most full time distance cruisers go for the simple options, but fancy is easily installed and we can share what we have seen that works for others we know.  

Peace was built to plan and she is built with highest quality materials.  She is strong but light so she rides on her lines and that makes her safer during storms and faster if you require a turn of speed to maybe outrun a storm.  Twelve knots is quite common and 16 knots is available if you wish to go fast.  We have done that on a few occasions when we needed speed and Peace is safe and smooth at that speed.  This boat has not been raced other than times when two boats just happened to go in the same direction.  She has speed.  

Come see us, see the boat, and see what you think.  We want our girl to go to a good home and are happy to help you find a way to become her next family for adventures on the sea.

Ann and Nev  svpeacefour@yahoo.com   401 261 7816

I wish you the best of luck with your sale....

and soon, as this thread is torment, I keep looking in and dreaming.


If finances are the only thing keeping you from buying a boat to live on full time and doing what we did for 12 years and 50,000 + miles, perhaps I should provide the budget we used during those years traveling with Nev on Peace IV. Financially I can think of no cheaper lifestyle and Peace could easily earn her way and also support you too.  Living in a house is expensive.  Living in a house and keeping a toy boat is even more expensive.  Peace is big enough to live on comfortably full time and take you anywhere you want to go.

Ann and Nev


I know the costs involved once on board, but its making the transition, from land to water is the problem. We are currently working on a finance free liveaboard lifestyle, but I'm having to rebuild the boat first, which is painful financially with house rent etc.  

A very lucky someone is going to get a wonderful home and lifestyle when they buy your boat

Nev and I have decided to lower the asking price on Peace IV.  The new price is $110,000.  We are elderly and if there is to be another boat in our lives, we need to get on and buy it because Nev is nearly 80, I am 72, and now is the time.  We do not want to own two boats.  

Ann and Nev

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