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UPDATED: Bahamas Flotilla Planning at this years Hui!

Bahamas flotilla adventure planning at this years Hui!

A number of Wharram builders and owners seem to be either finishing their build or their modifications/ preparation to their boats this year and are getting ready to travel. It has been talked about a flotilla being formed for this years end of hurricane season (November ish). Those who have had this idea proposed to them so far have all been very interested. I will be sailing my Tangaroa "Element" over and will be gathering information on possible destination ideas and participants. If you are interested feel free to call or write me. Message me for my info or reply here if you think you'll join us. This topic will be discussed and possibly partially planned at this years Hui so bring your cruising guides and charts this year if you think you can join.

We are planning a Nov 18th gathering in the Keys to await a weather window to cross.

We are considering Angelfish Creek as the Jump off location.

Currently 4 boat are for sure coming 2 Tangaroas 1 Pahi 31 1 Tiki 21 

We have quite a few maybes so if anyone would like to attend please comment below.

The current plan is to cross, check in at Bimini, hop over the north end of Andros and spend a few weeks/ month hopping down the east coast exploring the reefs and blue holes. Then to cross the Tongue of the Ocean and explore the Exuma Island Chain. We'd love to have as many boats as want to go and this trip is open-ended so you can follow as long or little as you'd like. 

Thanks for reading!

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I will be there, for sure

Yes Barb and I are interested in going. I had good fun the last time I went.  Started at the West End of the Grand Bahama Then went out to Walker Key and the back side of Abaco, everything was an easy day sail. Came back through Chub Harbor and Bimini. I would like to go through Bimini then head to the Exumas this next time.

Cuba might be more interesting.

I like the sound of that! I was thinking of checking in at Bimini and then working south as well. I'm interested in what the T21 sailors are in for, and how far they'll wanna go. I want to loosely plan a few stops, and a end/split point (to throw a party) where those returning will part ways with those continuing on. Cuba does sound alluring :)

I want to tour the Exumas and Long Island and cruise down to Matthew Town

I was hoping to check out Norman's cay... liking what I'm hearing so far... looks like we are headed south :) Whats the draw to Long Island and Matthew Town Brad? 

I was hoping to sail through the exumas seeing all that we can. Mathew Town looks good for going to Haiti or the Dominican Republic. This will be the winter so the further south we go the warmer we will be. I would also like to the see a little of  the back side of Andros.

I wanna go.....
Then you should definitely go
Just gotta pull my beams quick

You've got plenty of time for that Dan :)

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