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Hi - I'd like to hear opinions on using an asymmetric spinnaker on a larger Wharram please. We currently use an old regular symmetric spinnaker, sheeting using two snatch blocks mounted near each bow on the forward beam for the guys, and sheets led to blocks on rear main beam. I'm considering purchasing a new asymmetric, but I have no experience using this type of sail. Some questions:

Is it a good investment? Most of our sailing is currently summer conditions here in the Baltic, wind 5-15m/s.

Do I need to fit a bowsprit/pole for the tack, or is it fine to attach to front beam in front of bridle? Does it need a strop or downhaul arrangement?

Is it better to use a sock or roller furler for asymmetric?

Any other tips or advice!

And for the genoa - we currently have a yankee and a genoa (maybe officially a large jib), both hanked on. Considering getting a new genoa, but I realise that this will be a quite heavy sail to handle, and stiff (when new). We like using hanked on sails for simplicity and safety, but would like comments on ease of handling vs. sail shape of fitting a roller-furling genoa. Also how easy is it to step the mast with a furler fitted, as we have to take up and down every year?

Thanks for any advice or experiences you may have!


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Good information, spot on I reckon Roger.

Another thought... I plan to try flying our reacher & spinnaker wing & wing square downwind when I get a chance. I suspect the forward position of the tack-line on the pole plus the wide sheeting angle allowed by carrying the sheets well aft will allow the rig good stability, but of course we'll have to try it first ;-) It would certainly be fun to be able to travel fast running square downwind. I'll post something later if it works ;-) 

All the Best, 

Norm (Tiki 38) 

Sounds like fun Norm! Look forward to hearing how it works out.

Thanks to everyone who has responded so far - all with good advice, the great thing about this forum ;-) It looks like we're going to bite the bullet and order a gennaker soon, so will report back next season - winter is closing in here, temperatures below 0c already in the mornings, so can only plan and dream of warm summer days to come!

Happy sailing to all of you fortunate enough to be in warmer climes!


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