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Does anyone have any info on the wharram (looks like maybe a tiki) 28footer for sale in BC Canada? A link provided will take you to a pretty small picture with no details. Have contacted the seller and arranged for some pictures and info, but this may take a few days due to their schedule. In mean time, that paint job would appear to be well known if the boat had been around, so thought to ask here if anyone had any knowledge of the critter. Thanks. Link is for a craigslist advert.


Any info will help.

Also still looking for a wharram on  the west coast usofa  (or even better, near the pacific northwest), any one thinking of selling?




thanks much. fresh winds (without rads) to y'all.


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The boat is the Tanenui Fireweed, built in British Columbia around 1990. There is an article about Fireweed from his owner E. L. Beard in the PCA magazine Nº 22, December 1993. The boat was strongly (and heavy) built, with insulation in the hulls, a dome in the port hull and a pilot house in the starboard hull. Also it had raised the roof of the cabins to 5 feet headroom.

Regards, Andrés.

Thanks much. This helps. Any chance you know where i can get a copy of the article? Obviously i did the google, but no luck. Sea People magazine? Thanks again. Had you sailed on it?

I only know the boat from the Sea People magazine (I live in Uruguay, very far away form BC). Unfortunately the PCA does not exists any more (see http://wharrambuilders.ning.com/forum/topics/final-pca-report).

If you are very interested I could find a scanner and send a copy of the article to you.

i am most interested, and that would be most gracious of you. Please do so if universe supports it, but not if it is a problem for you.

i am thinking  of buying this boat, or alternatively, building a proa.....so universe has presented a challenge...the sparkly wharram, or the imagination bound proa...what to do?

thank you though for the info.

and if it is convenient, a copy of the article would be well received, though i don't know how to repay you.




Ok. I will send you a PM with the article in a few days. Don't worry, it is not expensive and it is a pleasure to help someone that is looking for a boat. If it is in good shape, this Tanenui looks like and interesting vessel.I remember reading in the web that Fireweed has done the trip Canada-Hawaii-Canada, for if so it's a proven vessel.

The proa is a very interesting but very different vessel. I think is the less stable, but also it have the less weight compared to the catamaran or the trimaran. In the small sizes I think the lightweight proa is a very good choice, like the ones designed by Gary Dierking (or the Melanesia by Wharram).




yes, proa was a choice forced by timing and age, i am older and it takes less time to build a proa. And i sail crab  claw now on my umiak trimaran (tacking, with a device i invented to whip the crab around the mast so no laying of the sail on the mast during the opposite tack). So i am interested in a wharram as have been since last year, but not so many up here. If  this  vessel did ca to hi and back, tremendous. very nice news indeed. Thanks so much for the article. The sea people magazine is not generally available i take it, even as a scan?

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