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Hello Everyone. I've just signed on here and thought I'd tell you a little about myself.


My name is David Ryan. I've been sailing since I was 10 years old and building boats since 1998.


In the late Fall of 2007 we bought a Catalina 38 in Georgia and then took it down to the Abacos where we first ran into Annie and Neville on Manjack Key and their lovely boat PEACE. We ran into them again in the ICW in Virginia, and a couple of summers ago, Annie's cutter PEACE was anchored near us in our home base of Lake Montauk.


We've lived on our boat for a portion of each of the last three Summers, and in November 2009 I sailed her down to the islands via Bermuda and then back home in the Spring.


I'm here because as much as we love our boat, as our girls get bigger the boat seems to shrinking (last Winter my wife, eldest daughter and I got our PADI cards, but I have no idea where the SCUBA gear is going to go) so we're starting to seriously think about our next boat.


I'm also feeling ready for a career change and will be sailing INTEMPERANCE (our C38) as daysailing charter. If the market proves and I like it, we'll add that to the brief for the Next Boat. By way of introduction to what I'm doing now, here's a short film I produced in 2003 in Kenya about boat building, fishing under sail, and ecological catastrophe:


Fair Winds/Uncertain Future: The Fishing Dhows of Lake Victoria








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Thank you for the video. I had never heard about the problems caused by the introduction of the perch into Lake Victoria. Being a diver by profession it does interest me a lot. Good to see the fleet of working sailboats, too.


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