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Hi All.

Advice needed.

Have just rebuilt my back wooden mast, bottom 2.4 meters was rotten, it's a long story and i will post the rebuild images online and description soon. The results are great !

Have just got to the stage were I am about to put the finishing coats on when I find that there are many 20 meter lengths of 200mmOD, 10mm wall aluminum extruded pipe lying a few hundred meters away that the marina management would like to get rid of.

Questions I have are:

My masts are a heavy meranti, and reasonably stiff.
Would I need to stiffen up the aluminum masts?

Does anyone have the Wharram mast size chart and can tell me whether 200mm ond 10 mm walls are suitable for a 15m mast.

Any past negative experience with aluminium masts?



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Hi Copper Dan,

Here is what you are looking for ,from the man JW himself. http://wharram.com/plansupdate.htm. Hope the link works, its taken from the plan update section of the Wharram website. It says for Tiki 46, if using aluminium, diameter 194mm (same as timber), wall thickness 5-6mm in alloy (timber is 32mm). Am sure this will help.
Cheers Trevor McKenzie

For those in the UK looking for mast materials, contact Richard Austin Alloys www.raaltd,com. I've just purchased 6m, 101.6OD, 3.25mm wall (10swg) in 6082T6 for £55 + VAT and £20 delivery. 

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