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I started this site so that Wharramites, as I like to call us, could freely talk about their builds, the designs, and exchange information without the hassle of the other forums out there. I grew tired of having to wait on the administrators to answer questions and approve photos. They also would not allow links, would edit posts, and then delete entire posts or forums that they did not agree with.

I promise not to do that to you here. Controversial subjects are not taboo here. However, stay in good taste (no nudity, or extreme profanity please) and if you are stating your opinion, say so. If you have facts about something, be sure to add that information to your posts. If you heard something from a friend of a friend, say so.

Feel free to post your photos and materials, and videos and links to your website. Create your own groups, customize your personal page, and enjoy the site. You can make posts about things that you are selling so long as it relates to boating in some way. If you are selling one of something, please be sure to make a follow-up post when you have sold it.

Those that are not building Wharrams are also welcome here, we just ask that you are building a wooden boat especially if they are multihulls.


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Thank you!


Chuck Valley said:
Here: http://www.ecovita.net/privy.html

Air Head and Natures Head are similar composting toilets

Ann and Neville Clement said:
We have the info somewhere aboard Peace. If you can "hold your water" for a little while, we will look around and find it. Trouble with Peace is that she has so many places where things can get put away... Ann and Nev
Thanks for this excellent site! Wave

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