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Would like input on the length and size of boarding ramp's. there are so many different type's people have built. I want one strong enough to pull up a good size dingy. I have a 47' oro.
I was going to use 1X6 or1X4 fir boards for the sides and inlay a 1/8in. X2in. stainless flat bar between the boards. the ramp will be 70in. wide. I want steps because of snow or ice.
planing some type of rope system for a hand rail to hold onto if carrying heavy loads.
should it be on the front or back?

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Jacques, that looks terrific. i really like it. maybe some lashings would make it more long lifed? David
Mine is made of aliminium, like a very wide ladder. I measured the width of my dinghy and that determined how wide it would be.

With a 4:1 purchase, it is simple to get the dinghy on board and roll her over where she gets lashed behind the pod. If I am not going far, the dinghy can stay on the ramp.

To fill the spaces in the "ladder/ramp" I used netting which means its easy to walk over and there is little risk of accidents.

My boarding ladder is in glass, built as a single piece from a ply mould. Non-slip paint on the steps with teak strips to improve grip on ascent. There is also drainage cut behind each step. It's exceptionally light and yet stiff – the stiffness improved by two hardwood strips on the underside. Lightness is, I think, essential, especially if you're lugging around something that's used, at most, half the time.

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