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Stranded while building a new boat.. HELP NEEDED (NEWHAVEN, UK)

Comment by Monika Matis on February 9, 2021 at 8:00am

Lockdowns come and go and unfortunately one caught up with us in the most unfortunate of moments: we signed a lease for a hangar to build our new boat when restrictions were lifting only to discover that a new lockdown is in place while we had to move out and to our new place.

But since the new place is on the coast we now live with our friends in a trailer on site, greatly annoying our landlord (of the hangar) and look everywhere to rent SOMETHING to live in. Which, with single flats coming on the market every other day (not even daily) is next to impossible.

So in desperation we decided to give a shout-out to you all - maybe you know someone who knows someone who has a couple of rooms, a flat, a garden studio or a boat near Newhaven, East Sussex, UK and would be willing to rent it to us to stay? We need only somewhere to sleep, we spend all day working anyway! (We cannot have another cold winter in our lives!)

And as a bonus for your time here is something about our project (proof of concept all electric, self sufficient boat) The Sea Nation



Start in the new place:


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