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At 5:21pm on October 21, 2008, brendon & aleisa said…
You are very welcome to visit..we are in Key Largo at MM 105 which is just about 3 miles after the new bridge. When you have an idea as to when you would like to come we can provide more detailed directions.

At 7:05am on February 6, 2009, Budget Boater said…
It is great to finally see a nice Wharram at a commercial US boat show. Please let us know what you heard, saw, and experienced at the Miami Show as people were exposed to the TIKI 30.

I am so glad I no longer man a booth there. That place can be a mad house.
At 7:00am on April 28, 2009, Lee Hackney said…
David - Thank you for your response. I have seen pictures of your Tiki 30. It's one of the two nicest wharrams that I've seen. The price is more than I plan to spend, but judging by the pictures and comments that I've read your craftmanship is superb. I am going to try to make it down to the rendezvous. I hope I have the chance to meet you in perosn and see your Tiki. -Lee
At 7:29am on April 28, 2009, Alef said…
Can you please send me details on the Wharram rendezvous.
At 6:17pm on April 28, 2009, Thom delForge said…
I may try to make it -- always so much to do once the weather get better -- the problem with living in the 'north'. I would love to tell anyone interested what I have found out -- and any ideas to help me with my refit.


At 9:51pm on April 28, 2009, Rick Hueschen said…
Hello David. Thanks for the invitation to the Wharram rendevous. My
plans were to finish my Tiki 21 by May and attend the rendevous, but
that did not happen. Another completion date postponed. I hope to finish the hulls, beams, and platform in May and start the sails, mast,
rigging, and trailer this summer. I will definetly be there next year.
Thanks again, Rick.
At 8:05am on June 10, 2009, Ann and Neville Clement said…
Hi David,
Will you be bringing your pretty red boat to the Mystic Seaport Wooden Boat show again this year? We cannot afford to put Peace IV in the show, but would love to see more of your boat, of you and your family, and hear how you are doing with the Wharrams you are now building. We will drive down for the day. What we are especially interested in is seeing photos of your building projects, so we hope you will bring the lap top and "slide show".
We do expect to have a Wharram gathering up here in New England likely at our E Greenwich, RI mooring in mid September. Again, I hope you will be able to come for that. Date to be announced and likely it will be a weekend long event.
All the best, Ann and Nev
At 1:11pm on July 8, 2009, Björn said…
Hi David,
what is your experience with the colligo standing rigging. ? I am thinking about converting stainless to dyneema when swapping the wooden masts against aluminium masts on my Tiki 38. I have also seen that you have put a very nice cockpit tent on the Tiki 30, I am thinking about something similar for the Tiki 38 ust over the pod and also connectig the two hulls. Have you had any similar thoughts on a Tiki 38, maybe you would be interested in a joint design?
Regards Björn
At 11:04pm on August 15, 2009, Lee Hackney said…
Hi David -
I was told that you have acquired the molds for the Tiki 8m and that you will soon be building the 8m in glass. Any truth to this? Thanks, Lee
At 2:10pm on August 16, 2009, Lee Hackney said…
David - Thank you for your reply. I'll look forward to following your progress. Lee
At 9:02pm on September 17, 2009, Ann and Neville Clement said…
Hi David,
Will you want picking up at the airport? Will you want to spend the night aboard? Plenty of room and Nev makes a great breakfast. We have one fellow driving down from Maine (tiki 38 builder) and another local guy I have known for about 30 years who has just decided to build a Tiki 38 also. Jacques had planned to come, but got high pay work in France which he could not refuse. Usually there are others who just show up, but not always. I never know! Two of the local Tiki 46 builders will not come. One couple split up and will not be building and the other guy got lots and lots of work for pay which is needful just now. Have heard nothing from the third family building a Tiki 46 locally.
Weather expected to be in upper 60s or lower 70s and dry and sunny and not too windy.
Look forward to seeing you again - Ann and Nev
At 7:41am on September 18, 2009, Ann and Neville Clement said…
Hi, Both guest cabins will be up and running. Take your pick!
Ann and Nev
At 7:48am on November 29, 2009, Ann and Neville Clement said…
Hi David,
Peace IV will be with you at the Wharram meet at Peanut Island near the Lake Worth Inlet. If there are people who must travel far to get to the meet, let me know and we will try to accomodate them in our two guest rooms. The boat is full up with food for our Bahamas winter season, so the pod will not be available. We are hearing about all the wonderful alterations to Peanut Island from our friends who have enjoyed walking and anchoring and swimming there. They suggested we anchor in the North East corner of the island. Right?
At 2:42pm on December 17, 2009, Rod Jones said…
The 8m looks very nice. Does the mast tabernackle forward at the base? On our Seawind 1000XL 35' we use the boom with strong topping lift as a gin pole. We use the mainsheet to control the mast lowering/raising. 1 bridle to the sides from the end of the boom to keep it verticle, and 1 bridle from the mast to the sides on the correct plane for rotation, to keep the mast centered. We do this on the water to go under bridges, and it only takes 10 minutes to set up. Very safe and stable.

I would love to hear more about your design changes adding that full size beam aft with the little hard deck. Also the seating console down the middle is interesting.... Also very interested in how she steers and tracks without the skeg.

Great job!
At 3:43pm on March 4, 2010, Budget Boater said…
The reason we have not added any more pictures is because we are doing identical work (on the starboard hull) as was previously documented on the port hull. I figured it would just be redundant photos since to this point they still look the same.
At 3:35am on August 27, 2010, Ann and Neville Clement said…
Are you doing the Wharram meet in Florida this autumn/winter? If so, when and where? Lake Worth seemed to be ok and convenient enough plus good enough holding last time. We look forward to seeing you and your pretty boats again.
Ann and Nev
At 8:01pm on October 1, 2010, Ann and Neville Clement said…
Just a reminder - tell folks to bring food to the Wharram meet - food to share is needed unless you are prepared to feed everybody. Usually they bring just about the right kinds of stull. Ann
At 1:55pm on October 19, 2010, BERND BECHTEL said…
Helo Bothsmith,thank you for response,open on a day witout wind and look,bath
think its symetrical,sending soon message to you.Today not more in the net.
The red boat is yours? Nice and also professional build. Best regards B Bechtel
At 11:42am on November 2, 2010, David Bennett said…
Hi Boatsmith

Thanks for your comment. I'll get around to posting more photos at some stage. I am busy with a rebuild and I can already imagine there is a lot I will change once I have sailed her for a bit (is that not the case for everyone?).

I actually do need to spend some time on the water with her before I can comment about her fully. I'm glad you like the Raka - she is not one of the common Wharrams.
At 2:39pm on November 12, 2010, le gall marc said…
Hello David,
Thanks for the compliments, Bravo also for your achievements, magnificent!
I hope to start a beautiful Tiki a few times, I make my gipsy caravans in Romania and I miss the sea!

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