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At 2:16pm on January 21, 2020, Roger said…

Hi Steve,

Sorry I didn't see your message. The "traveler" is a line between the hulls at the sterns of the boat. The bottom mainsheet block has another small block which runs along the traveler line. Probably not very clear?


At 5:20pm on February 11, 2020, Rod McLaren said…

Sounds good, Steve. When you get your trailer sorted, I'd love to have you join us. As you can guess, there aren't so many Wharram's here on the prairies! If you want to be kept on the mailing list for future Elbow Run events, send your contacts to me at nkosuohene@gmail.com. Cheers

At 12:23am on February 12, 2020, Bo said…
Hi, Steve. I didn't have much to add to your motor mount discussion but was intrigued by your description of your bimini. Please point me to some pics if you have some posted somewhere. I am building a Tiki 21 in Montana right now. Should be sailing this summer. Documented here: http://www.monarisa.org
At 1:17am on April 6, 2020, Steve Burrage said…

i posted some pictures, but am presently designing a better (hopefully!) bimini for the starboard side. The port side worked well last summer. I sat on a small foldable deck chair in the port hull, and brought all lines to that side (the halyards I left at the mast though because I have 4 sails at present (main, jib, genoa, and reacher). this year, I'm also adding a drifter (maybe delete the reacher?) on a continuous line furler on the bowsprit. Here in the PNW, we get a lot of light air days in the summer, so I think the lighter sails are good to have. anyways, back to the bimini. I put a permanent (tarp with vinyl window) in front of the cockpit and then, so I could get in and out, see the sails, and have sunshine if I wanted, added a lightweight bimini that pushes to one side (outboard). it's basically two tent poles sewn into pockets on a rugby ball shaped bimini (two dacron sail remnants with that thermal stuff people use on hot water tanks inbetween (to make better shade and reduce the heat. Funny, last summer, while my buddy was getting roasted in the starboard hull in a T and shorts, I was shivering in the port, under the bimini, wearing a toque and jacket ... no lie! It worked so well, and stood up to 25 knots of wind (though that day I had it in the 'closed' position since the sun wasn't out.  not sure if all of that makes sense. Once I set it up again and build the starboard one, I'll post more pics.

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