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At 10:42pm on September 27, 2012, Wendy Anne Palmer said…

Your waka is looking fantastic and both of you look very well too. Yay.

In answer to your question, Hans, Mareva (Ontong Java) does have a new deck that is rainproof and now has the deck boards back on and gunwhales stitched back on. She's looking cool and the new mast awaits. The galley is taking shape now. Hamish, his Dad Tony, Amber and mates have put in long days of labour but she will not be ready to sail Tonga, etc this year. This summer will be cruising in NZ North Island waters of the east coast. Thanks for your interest. Fair winds to you dream makers.

At 10:43pm on September 27, 2012, Wendy Anne Palmer said…

I'll post some photos next week of Mareva.

At 6:21am on January 10, 2013, Brendon & Aleisa said…

Thank you for your input on the sail.  We had just removed the sail from the boat to make a change for the mainsheet and add lazy jacks that will also serve as a topping lift.  The gaff and boom of our rig is 6061 t-6 schedule 80 aluminum pipe and we are hoping to continue to make changes to rig and sail as we progress thru trials.  

At 6:50am on February 23, 2013, Galway Bay said…

THANKS for the blog on Penang. SUPER.

 It is great to see someone VOYAGING there seem to be very few actually sailing on this site or if they are they are not letting us know....

At 2:33pm on February 23, 2013, wakataitea said…

we are in phuket in the moment,

 just had a look on a boatyard. there are 5 wharram on the hard... all in pieces. tiki46, pahi 52 tiki 38 and tiki30 etc...

many  wharrams on  moorings too.... nobody on board.... sade. the only wharrams we see sailing, are the once which you can charter here...

yes, i am asking may self... where are the wharram cruisers?

At 2:16pm on April 11, 2013, paul anderson said…

Guten tag Hans, I hope you are well and in good spirits. I would like to ask you about your sailing experiences of the part of the world you have just been thru.It seems from your last post you where not impressed by the cruising? I realize that you have blogs etc but wonder if you could put your thoughts down here for us?



At 8:37pm on April 12, 2013, Glenn Tieman said…

Hello Hans and Isebel, three of the new crossbeams are installed but the last two were too small trees so we went back and felled some more last April and they had to cure so just now finishing those off. In the meantime plenty of other boat work, many improvments. I sailed se asia for four years without an engine on peregrine so that doesn't bother me but what exactly do you mean about not much room for us? I know the immigration fees are excessive in phils now, and park fees in Thailand, what else? What about the marinas in Malaysia, is it still OK to anchor there?

At 10:28am on May 13, 2013, Mike Haromy said…

Hi Hans.   The tiki46 website was never mine. it was Clifton's.   he's building Tiki 46 Sangraal, but I think he's in a bit of building slump at the moment.


At 12:14am on February 11, 2014, Robert said…

Hi Hans,

Up from Cape Town to Walvis Bay you can expect South Westerly winds from 15-25 knots most days. It can get quite rough as well, at times but it should be better than the south coast of South Africa. There are not too many places to stop, basically Luderitz and then Walvis Bay.  

This document describes it in detail, read the section on Sector 5, pages 115 to 143. Sailing Directions - Southwest Coast of Africa

This one may be good for getting to Cape Town: Sailing Directions - East Africa and the South Indian Ocean

In Walvis Bay the weather can vary a lot in winter with cold days between 12C and 17C and hot days between 20C and 35C.  The water is cold, between 9 and 13C.

I can show you around a bit and if you want to go further I can arrange it. You are also welcome to stay with us if you want a bit of time on dry land, I have space.

Interestingly many people here speak German, ich verstehe auch ganz gut aber, ich bin nicht so gut beim schreiben und reden.

Brazil is easy to get to from here, my sister sailed across in 1998 via St Helena, Ascension and Fernando de Noronha.

Stuff is not too expensive here if you earn Euro or USD. You do not need a visa if you are on an EU passport and want to stay less than 3 months.

That is what I know for now.

It would be really cool to meet you.


At 3:30am on March 24, 2014, Arthur Little said…

Hello Hans and Isabelle!  It was simply awesome meeting the two of you and your fantastic boat.  What a great experience it was to meet you both and to be on your Tiki 46.  She is a super boat and a real compliment to the two of you.  Well done with your creation!  I loved seeing all the ideas that you have on your vessel, and will definitely make use of what I have seen.  I look forward to having a sail on Wakataitea, will def make a plan!!  I will come visit again as soon as I can.  Cheers, Arthur.

At 1:15pm on April 11, 2022, John Young said…

You said some years ago that there is a bay just before the Auckland bridge, on the right hand side when you drive into town. it is full of "rotten" wharrams....

Is there still multiple "rotten" Wharrams in that bay?

John Young

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