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At 1:02am on October 29, 2010, Frank's MAUNA KEA said…
Hello Ann and Clement, thanks for the warm welcome! I did realize this webpage (wharrambuilders) not earlier - it is a real good and open forum!

And if you have the opportunity to come to Hamburg - you are welcome!

best regards and fair winds Frank
At 4:54pm on November 18, 2010, Bob Bois said…
Hi Ann and Nev,
Made wood and epoxy pricing run yesterday. I think we're going to use Progressive Epoxy Polymers. They've got good reviews (from Wooden Boat forum and others) and they're about HALF the price of even discounted MAS. We have to economize where we can. PEP's MSDS is equivalent to MAS and System3. We're going to erect a smaller tunnel in the larger shed so not so much to heat while we build this winter. Just some PVC tubing and builders plastic - cheap. Things moving along slowly - the economy is a just a grind right now, but we'll get there. Hope you guys are well. Boises.
At 1:06am on November 25, 2010, Robert Sheridan said…
Thank you very much, that is a very kind offer.
We are flying out to Atlanta to stay with friends the weekend before and will give you a call as they may have arranged something.
We are looking forward to sun, warmth, seeing some bigger wharrams and learning about sailing on the Eastern seaboard in case we make it over in fall 2011 or in 2012.
Robert and Helen
At 4:20pm on December 6, 2010, Budget Boater said…
I have contacted you off-site per your request, but have yet to receive a reply.
At 11:17pm on December 14, 2010, Thomas Schmidt-Lange said…

Hi Ann and Nev,

  thanks for your note and kind words.  It would be great to be anchored next to you guys some day!  Glad to hear you are having/had a good Wharram meet.  I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing between Christmas and New Years..... want to get myself out of this bone-chilling weather: 20 degrees with 15 knots of wind.   Been perusing the crew-wanted sites but it's risky travelling somewhere to be on a boat with people for a week when you have never met them or have any mutual friends that can give you an idea of whether the dynamics would work.    I'll let you know what happens.  Merry Christmas!

 warmest regards,


At 4:57pm on June 21, 2011, Bertrand FERCOT said…

Sorry Ann and Nev, but I'm unable to tell you the date of the launch day and when our 2 Tiki46 will be tie together with a party on-board.

These last weeks I work very  hard to make the maximum for the big party Marie-Helene planed at the beginning of this year to celebrate the end of our building last week end but although our cat is able to go on the sea, all is not yet finished : the bimini, the rear platform, the 12V circuits and the rig. The reason of the date was the visit of one of our sons from Australia with his familly.

There was a lot of people during the party : family, friends, neighbours, amateur boat builders, Wharram owners and builders and their questions were when the lauch and my reply was as soon as possible!!!!

It' a pleasure for us to see our Tiki almost finished and we were very happy to sleep on board to free our house.

Due to the last big work with the rig : masts + wishbones, I expect her launch not before next September.......I'll try to make an effort next weeks to continue my blog.

Enjoy your stay in Providence with your family, we regret to be enable to join you this summer.

At 7:32pm on June 23, 2011, Ralf said…
Thank you for the very encouraging comments. It is much needed. Ralf
At 10:18pm on January 3, 2012, Ralf said…

Hello Ann and Neville, Thank you for your friendly comments. The belt tensioning system seems to work well and will be easy to tighten if need be. On a Tiki 26 which we use at our sailing club the rope lashings on the inner sides of beam 2 and 3 had to be tightened whenever the boat had been reassembled and sailed a couple of times. This was no easy job with the boat being in the water. I think this will be easier with my system. However I cannot take credit for the 'invention' of it. It was used before by an Australian builder named Lindsay on his T30. He put pictures of it up on Scott Brown`s forum which is closed now. Lindsay used the systen over 7 years and reported good results. Happy New Year to you. Ralf

At 8:00pm on April 27, 2012, john james said…

62houres by my reckoning Norfolk to Block very gratifying indeed.

At 2:15pm on August 1, 2012, James Lambton said…

A big hello for "Iron Annie" and "Wise Neville", from Jim ex of Colvin schooner "Pilger"

Hope this finds you both well, i'm still having fun searching for either a cat to rebuild or a plan to build.  After receiving my second wharram catalogue in 20 years, maybe, just maybe this time i'll end up building one!  The design that I like the most is the Tiki38, not surprising given all of the time i've spent looking at Peace.  The gaff wing sails in sleaves look very good (read FAST) and that alone has me thinking seriously about this design, but with a sheltered helm station and those good looks, who knows ....    In my experience choosing a design to build is much much harder than the actual building - because once you commit, you can't start building a Wharram and just decide halfway thru that you want a Gemini or god forbid another healing rolling monster with only one hull.


Jim in Picton, Ontario

At 1:22am on April 27, 2013, Demi & Dirk said…
Many thanks for your nice and affectionate words. Wish us luck for a save and short building time. We are calculating with appr. 7.000 hrs (5 years +/-). Will see...
All the best Demi & Dirk
At 12:23pm on June 25, 2013, Marty Peters said…
Hi Ann,

My problem is a small one I think and we are half way to resolving it. I will try to post a pic to this thread .
So the small cracking is at the join of the mast case to the cheeks of the bowsprit where the mast box is joined to the bowsprit plank. There are two vertical cracks at the join of the box section and the inner anchor roller cheeks. I think it is caused by the bowsprit flexing and the box section not flexing thus putting all of the stress on an epoxy joint. The joint is heavily glassed but I think the lever arm is too much once the bridle lashings stretch. Looking at it in my problem solving mode, that whole area is where the outer bowsprit attaches to the mast box and it looks obvious that its a week point due to a stiff section joining a flexible section.
Our remedy is to glue and bolt a 1.3m long hard wood plank that is 50mm thick and the width of the bowsprit plank. It is going to run from the mast to forward of the anchor rollers. There will be 8 bolts, 4 forward and 4 astern of the problem area. I will then glass the new plank for weather protection...That should stop the flexing of the bowsprit at the critical area. Basically I think the epoxy join is just not flexible enough to withstand the very slight flexing of the outer bowsprit as it is at exactly at the pivot point of the rigid mast case and the flexible bowsprit.
I wish I had seen the threads where you describe your issues before now but I was busy building and not reading. My plan is No 19 and there isn't a big doubler shown on the plan and I built it exactly to the plan that I have. It never occurred to me there may have been a revision. The original builder launched in sept 2001 I think so she must have been one of the first tiki 46's to get wet... Oh well my first on water repair!!
The only other issues so far have been a very creaky lashing on my port aft beam No5...Of course this happens to be my cabin and it sounds horrendous.... But that is the next job after the bowsprit. And some very minor cracking on the stern ramp and again is caused by the ramp twisting and flexing more than the epoxy joints can handle... This doesn't worry me at all.....

Other than this the boat is fantastic and I am super happy... Top speed so far is 14 kts and she just purrs along at 10 knots straight downwind with only the spinnaker in 25 true/15 kts apparent, What I am seeing is that boat speed is around 50-70 % of apparent downwind and around 30-40% of apparent when beating, but we have had relatively light winds whilst going upwind and have been taking it easy since seeing the cracking.

We have currently covered around 1000 miles from st Francis bay in South Africa and we are now in luderitz Namibia and as soon as we are ready we are heading to st Helena and then brazil... I can't wait for warm weather and we have been ticking off the degrees as we head north.

I will of course be adding lots of pictures but I just haven't had time lately to get online and post due to the unavailability of a reliable Internet connection and the pressures / stress of dodging the bad weather whilst getting out of South Africa... It's been a great experience in South Africa but as any sailor will tell you this part of the world can be punishing if you get caught out... Only a few days ago they were reporting 50-60 knts in Cape Town, boy am I glad to be 500-600 miles north and getting into the trades...

Thanks for your quick reply and I appreciate any advice you can give....


At 9:12am on July 30, 2013, Marty Peters said…
Hi Ann,

Just thought I'd drop you a line and let you know we made it to brazil without any problems and that the fix for the mast case has worked brilliantly, no sign of any cracking at the problem area.
I must say I am super impressed with the tiki 46 after this crossing. Fast, stable, well behaved, what a machine! We averaged 7 knots from luderitz to cabalero and would have been much faster if we didnt have 4 days of no wind and I didn't pull back the reigns and slow the boat down once we exceeded 10 knots which was frequently. Top speed was 18+ knots when we surfed down a 4-5 m swell with the spinnaker up in a 25-30 knot gust, needless to say that kite cape down very quickly after that! The whole journey was directly downwind and once we had 15 knots apparent (25 knot true)we generally brought down the kite and ambled along under either jib or fore main alone at a leisurely 5-8 knots. What I need is a smaller heavier kite for the stronger winds as we found the symetrical kite perfect for running straight downwind. We could have tacked downwind but found that it was more uncomfortable and we sail for comfort over speed.
It is currently raining here in jacare and I have been plagued with computer problems lately but once the sun comes out I will take some pics of the mast case fix and post. I still have to glass and paint but I,m not in a hurry to do that as I want a few weeks of sun to ensure the hardwood is completely dry first.


At 1:53pm on November 23, 2013, Shaun said…
Hey Guys,
It's not quite so dramatic as it seems, I've been slowly doing repairs to inside and outside their house and this room at the far end, kind of like a granny flat situation, is next on the to-do list so the mess is a precursor of what is to come.
At 8:56am on February 17, 2014, john james said…

Hello Annie and Neville it's beastly cold here. Come to my page and make comment on the crossbeam support block , strap system versus rope lashing . Hope all is well with catamaran peace enjoy the good warm weather

At 4:14pm on June 6, 2015, Kevin Hutchinson said…

Ann and Neville, I took the plunge about 8 months ago and boaght Romany from the Curtis family. Not a Wharram but it is perfect for me. It needs a new paint job. I know you like Glidden prorch and deck oil  paint. Home Depot sells Glidden porch and floor paint is this the same paint you are talking  about? I also have issued with mildew growing on the deck I need to clean the decks every few weeks but it comes right back every time. Do you have any ideas? Sad to see you selling Peace are you going to pass through Florida this year?...Kevin

At 8:03am on November 3, 2015, john james said…

Hello Anna Neville what is happening with the sale of catamaran peace?? Is she still up for grabs.

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