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At 6:23pm on September 17, 2009, boatsmith said…
Hi Ann and Neville, I am flying into Providence Sat late morning.I will see you shortly there after. David 561 632 2628
At 4:24am on September 18, 2009, boatsmith said…
Hi Ann and Neville, I rented a car. Would love a flat spot to sleep. David
At 12:40pm on September 21, 2009, George Kane said…
Hello Ann & Nev,
Thank you for your reply, it's greatly appreciated. Right now I'm in the "look around, get a feel of things stage". Eventually I would like to be able to do the "Grand Loop" with the ICW as well as the Bahamas, etc. A lot will depend on the maximum size boat that can still ply the ICW. Hopefully we will get a chance to see you at one of your stops.
Take care and we'll be chatting soon.
At 4:51am on September 22, 2009, NYCKiwi said…
Ann and Neville,

Thank you very much for the invite to come aboard while you're in the NY/NJ area. I would dearly love to accept, however I'm currently out of State (I must update my profile!) My job was a victim of the financial crisis, so I took the opportunity to move my family to Hawaii a couple of months ago for a change of pace and scenery. My wife is Japanese and I am a Kiwi, so we're much closer to home now.

It’s great to be in contact with you via this forum as I had a brief, but memorable chat with you both and James at the Woodenboat festival in June 2008. I came away extremely impressed with Peace IV and ever more so with your monumental achievement in building her. Speaking with you both encouraged me to start thinking of tackling a Tiki build myself.

Prior to leaving NY, I also visited Jacques terrific Tiki 38 build and gained a further insight into the building process.

Is it correct that you are the US distributor for Wharram plans? If so, I’m looking forward to placing an order with you in the future.

And I hope that I’ll be able to visit with you during your future treks.

In the meantime, fair winds,

At 12:42pm on October 7, 2009, Bertrand FERCOT said…
Hi Ann and Nev

Yes, Marie-Helene is well behind the mask. I spent this day to make a digest of the building of our Tiki46 building after to have prepare it these last days.
The 9-9-2009 I broke my left arm (on the top of the humerus) and injured a lot of muscles from the hand to the shoulder. Tomorrow I'll have a check at the hospital and hope to recover all the use of my arm at the end f this month.
Sure that will delay a little our launch day, but I'm always optimist to launch her at the end of the Spring or during the Summer in order to sail off toward the Antillas next September and to meet you in the Bahamas in the beginning of 2011 before you start to sail to the north.
Have a good sail toward your winter anchorage in the Bahamas.
Love from Bertrand and Marie-Helene
At 1:27pm on October 18, 2009, George Kane said…
Hi All,
Bin away for a bit - just became a Grandfather! Zachary Joseph Abramson made port to say Hi on 29 SEP 09 at 1518 hours. He's 7lbs, 14oz and 20 inches long. If I knew how to upload a photo, I would.
Take care,
At 9:39am on October 20, 2009, George Kane said…
He already has a toy sailboat (monohull though :<( ), a toy scuba diver and a Harley Davidson Onsey. He's definitely being spoiled very well!
Take care,
Proud Grandpa, George
At 8:56am on April 6, 2010, Tony Nannette Brett said…
Hi Anne, Neville,

Time to go proactive and thank you for your welcome. Been a bit quiet as we had yet to finalise our decision to have a boat built. After 3 weeks on a Tiki 38 in Thailand in February (bare boat charter from Makz Jurgens, Siam Sailing, Phuket, as we had never spent anytime on one before, we came away with a clear decision to go Wharram.

We have now finally settled on the Tiki 46. We are in the planning stage still and wanted to ask you both for some input around what changes you would now make to your own boat if you had the opportunity all over again? We would be really keen to know what things really worked for you and what didn't?

We are thinking two inboards with hydraulic motors as the hydraulic system on the Tiki 38 worked extremely well and was pretty much bullet proof. WE have been also looking at a restructuring of the layout to have access to the galley on one side of the cockpit and the ablutions on the other side. This really worked well on the 38, and in particular allowed good interactions between the galley and the crew on watch etc.

We are also thinking that the back platform brings little advantage over a slatted deck and drop down ladder/ramp = more useful space for doing jobs such as cleaning fish and washing up.

The other major item was the size and height of the day cabin. It appears to only give shelter up to lower chest height and we are thinking one way around this is to make it slightly wider (30 cm) and higher (20 -30 cm say) in an attempt to keep the proportions balanced. Any thoughts on this?

No doubt there will be other ideas that occur to us and so if you are happy to respond we will be pleased to have your input.

Best regards, Tony, Nannette, Brett
At 7:30pm on May 20, 2010, Tony Nannette Brett said…
Hi Ann and Nev, We hae now committed by buying the plans for a Tike 46 - we are Hull # 42. The boat is to be built in Thailand by Gunther and we are deeply immersed in plan understanding prior to finalising the details for the building.

I have spent part of today making a mock up of the Centre pod (day cabin) as I started out being concerned that the height gave very little weather protection ( I have spent a lot of time off shore in 6-12 m power boats where wave spray can be a big issue) and then sitting inside the mock up it became clear that there was no head clearance at all on the chart table side (assuminghte seat is 30 cm - 1 foot high). Is that how it is on your boat?

I then changed the mock up to add an additional 15cm (about 6") in height and that was much more comfortable. I note that James makes it clear in his Q&A section that he does not approve of increasing the height, and certainly not to standing height, as it may effect the stability of the boat. The question remains if a 6" increase in height would be an issue? I figured from an appearance point of view the cabin would need to be widened slightly - say 10-15 cm on each side if you increased the height by 6".

You comments on this would be very welcome as it is the one thing that actually really concerns me about the design.

The other change we are planning is the actual lay out. We want both the galley and the access to the heads to line up with the cockpit
for safety reasons, and allowing communications between the galley and the cockpit. It makes for a smaller galley but we are not to concerned about this at this stage. I have attached a diagram of what we are thinking and again would be very pleased to have your comments.

best regards

At 10:50am on June 15, 2010, Wes Faulkenberry, Jr. said…
Dear Ann and Neville; Greetings! So sorry I haven't written in a while. Thankfully busy with work. I'll be @ the WoodenBoat Show in Mystic the whole weekend, working the booth for WoodenBoat School. (Free ticket to the show, dontcha know!) Would love to see you both again, and, of course, "Peace". Regards, Wes
At 8:05am on July 25, 2010, Marty Peters said…
Hi Ann and Neville,

I remember that you commented that you had purchased 2 new 20hp 4 strokes, and i would love to know how they are performing. I should be completing the purchase of a tiki 46 within the next week, and i may need to get some new engines pretty much straight away so i would love to hear your opinion before i splash out.


At 1:45pm on August 6, 2010, Marty Peters said…
Hi Ann and Nev,

Well my purchase is nearly complete, contracts have been signed, and as soon as the cash arrives in the sellers account i will be the new proud and very nervous owner of the South African Tiki 46 "Shark" (plan 19)

She needs plenty of TLC to bring her back to new condition, but i am sure that with lots of hard work and lots of sanding she will be a great boat.

I will be registering her on the uk SSr part 3 and i understand that as the LOA is greater than 13.7m she comes under regulations covering Class XII vessels (pleasure vessels of 13.7m in length and over) and as such needs to comply with certain safety and fire regulations, one of which requires compulsory carriage of a life-raft. Now from what i can ascertain, and i am no expert, i don't believe that the stern hung rudders count towards LOA, and as i haven't busted out the tape measure yet, i am actually unsure of the exact length and how the LOA calculations are performed / measured.

There is a commercial 15 man ( or woman! ) raft currently onboard, but is out of service by 8 months and as i want to reduce the size down to say a 6-8 man i don't really want to pay for the service of the 15 man raft at a cost of about 200+++ euro for the stuff inside ie flares etc that would effectively only be for the delivery.

Now, i will say that i am not trying to wriggle out of the regulations and that i fully intend to have a life-raft onboard once we start cruising wether the regs say i need one or not, its just that if i buy a new raft now, by the time i actually start cruising i would have wasted about 1 year of its service life. I am looking into renting one but no joy as yet.

So my questions for you, and i am sure there will be plenty more over the coming months, is, do you carry a life-raft and follow the class XII regulations, or does the tiki 46 actually measure less than 13.7m ( by the LOA calculations) and is thus exempt.

Thanks and i look forward to your reply.

At 10:11am on August 7, 2010, Marty Peters said…
Hi Ann and Nev,

Thanks for your prompt reply, much appreciated.
I had actually never made the mental connection regarding why life-rafts were needed (or not) on a monoslug with that heavy weight keel. I just assumed that nearly every boat would sink if it took on enough water and i just never questioned the "accepted" logic that a raft is needed if you sail offshore ! DOH

Now that you have enlightened me i am questioning the need for a life-raft as your argument that without that heavy keel why would the boat sink makes perfect sense. I guess that the boat would just settle deeper and deeper and eventually reach a state of equilibrium, where the hulls may be flooded but still afloat..

Another great bonus that i never realised!


At 2:13pm on August 12, 2010, Brian said…
Always interested in a sail Ann :) I saw your invite and am trying to sort out the family schedule to come down for a visit/sail. I'll let you know as soon as it's sorted out.
At 3:48pm on September 1, 2010, Bertrand FERCOT said…
Hi Anne and Nev

Thank you for your comments.
Although I work hard since last Spring I will be unable to launch our Tiki46 before the end of this summer as expected. The main reason is now I work almost alone. Our boat building is not a priority for Marie-Helene and especially since our oldest children began to have children. At the beginning of this summer we've had the visit of Benoit from New Caledonia(you met him in Martinique) with their little girl of 6 months ; now he has got a new job in Melbourn Australia and his wife is waiting for a second child. And present time we have at home our eldest daughter Kristen with her twin boys who were born the last 5th August......
Happily some times one of our other children come to help me for big operations and in the next days we are going to paint the outside of the boat.
After the last big work will be to build our 2 masts in wood. I hope to finish them before the return of the cold days.
So it's difficult to make predictions and I hope to be ready to launch our Grand PHA at the end of the next winter and after a few sailings to test she, we'll cross the Atlantic to meet you before the beginning of the hurricane season.
When I begun to build this boat I was very far away to imagine I'll need 12 years before her launch!!! It's the first year we have no sailing at all, only building and it becomes vital for me to launch she as soon as possible.

Yes good solar panels are the best choice to have a minimum of free energy on board. I plan to put 2 x 24V solar panels on the short hard bimini I'll built above the cockpit.

I hope the expected hurricane will not produce too much damages in your area.

We are so very impatient to meet you again, Love, Bertrand and Marie-Helene
At 3:40pm on September 15, 2010, Randall S Anselmo said…
Thanks for the encouragement! I'm sure I'll have a good little party as well. My family and I were fantasizing about where we will cruise in our new (to us) vessel, and coastal RI came up. Will definitely look you up when and if!

At 5:28pm on September 19, 2010, Robert Robley said…
Maybe I could come see your TIKI tomorrow. I would love to see one up close. Call you in the am?
At 5:37am on September 23, 2010, sam said…
thanks for the comment . seems that you two keepthe wharram wheel turning on that side of the world eh. we have now grown a deck house & are working at tidying up the interior n doing some plumbing . its goin in the water this summer ready or not
At 8:49am on October 22, 2010, Damon Urban said…
Thanks for the comment. I have my eye on the Hitia 17' to start. My dream is to build a junk rigged cat and cruise for my retirement ( at least 15 years away). I loved the Wharram cats the first time I saw the website. I was doubly thrilled to see Bertand's PHA on this site as he had implemented so many modifications I had been dreaming about, especially the parallel junk sails. PHA # looks like it's going to be my dream boat
At 2:02pm on October 28, 2010, Greg Russell said…
I don't know if I sent my previous comment or not, so I will repeat it.
The good part was that I was able to use it most of the time I was rebuilding it.
I was hoping to meet you guys at the gathering at Lorilee in Islamorada.

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