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At 5:57am on February 15, 2011, Rory McDougall said…
Just uploaded lots of the old photos of the world voyage..................finally!!!!
At 8:53am on February 15, 2011, Paul Lawton said…

Hi Rory,

Just sent you a comment, then saw yours to me.  Tiki is at Turf.  She's still up for sale but I'm not disappointed not to have sold her.  Should be on the mooring at the begining of April.  Love to take you for a ride - I'm still in the process of simplifying the rig and everything else - trying to talk myself out of crab claws and junk rigs.

My friend Nick in Exmouth with a Tiki 21 would love to pick your brains about mast rake etc (he has a GRP hull like yours I think)

Hows the new job coming along? Did you spot that there is a dinghy sailing school for sale in Exmouth?  Might not be your thing but worth a lokk - Sail Exmouth I think it's called.

See you at the Lympstone SC for the talk hopefully.


At 11:35am on February 15, 2011, Paul Lawton said…


Definitely keen to talk to people who might want a Tiki 31.

The wind sils are great, but I find the more I read, the more I want to try things out - for comparisons sake.  I'm playing with balance - modern boats have the centre of effort too far aft, which leads to extremely weather helm. The most balanced boats I've sailed (Rival 34, Contessa 32) have the coe much further forward.  They don't get headed off, the helm effort is lowa nd you get a much tidier stern.

Weather is nice isn't it? I am moving a boat from Plymouth to Falmouth this weekend in anticipation of a couple of weeks of teaching.  Hoping the thermals and waterproofs are up to it.

I think we might have ehough Wharrams in the Exe to organise a rendevous, I think there are 6 that I know of.


At 4:02pm on February 15, 2011, kim whitmyre said…

Been out sailing much lately?? Love seeing all the smart new mod-cons you add to Vaea. can I ask the meaning of her name??




After having real wind pressure reset the 12-strand braid dyneema on the forestay, it was too long!  Fixed that by making another forestay out of dynex dux (kind of a "heat-treated" dyneema) that I made shorter: I was worried it would be too short!  I went up the mast recently and exchanged the stays and it turned out just right. . .When you get the dux it feels as stiff as wire, so I was careful to only disturb the set of the braid to make the brummel spices at the ends, thus keeping the amount of re-set to a minimum.  The standing rigging is nice and tight now, so Vaea's new sails should take the breeze even better. Vaea is polynesian for Peace.


I need to get some sort of video camera to record Vaea's seatime! That is quite the sea state you and Cookie are making way into!!

At 2:23pm on March 1, 2011, WaveDancer & Bella said…

Dear Rory

I'm planning a Windvane steering for my Tiki 33 (WaveDancer) and I'm very interested hearing more about your "Harry". How it worked under different conditions, improovements,

suggestions, buildingplans etc. Thanks in advance and all the best for your future ventures. WaveDancer

At 5:26pm on March 3, 2011, WaveDancer & Bella said…

Hi Rory!


Thank you for your excellent informations. We are indeed studying the possibilities to mount a Pacific light pendulum Vane or as an alternative a trimm-tab. But since a Windvane mounted on the aftbeam could be very vulnerable to impacts of breaking waves I'd actually prefere to mount the windvane also on top of the cabins. If we find a solution I'll bublish it in the forum. Meanwhile all the best and regards Wave

At 10:09am on March 6, 2011, Rui Sérgio Cardoso Fonseca said…

Hi Rory,


First of all i like to congradulet u from your sailing trip Jest Challenge.

I built a tiki 30 five years ago with a wooden mast. The problem is that the mast is rotted, and now i'm interested in finding an aluminium tube (6082 t6, 9,5mts length, diameter 140mm, and thickness 3,5 to 4,5mm) to adapt to a mast.

One of the problems is that i can't find any supplier in Portugal for aluminum tube.

Do you know any EU supplier (cheap) that i can ask a budget?


Thank you for all the help.

Best reguards

Rui Fonseca


At 11:40am on June 12, 2011, Al Richardson said…


If you don't mind me asking, how are beams on Cookie lashed? The inner lashing looks conventional but I can't see the outer one. I'm wanting to build with a raised deck but don't want to fully box the beams as far as the outer lashing...

Info appreciated..



At 7:40am on June 13, 2011, Al Richardson said…

Hi Rory,

Thanks for the detailed information, I will be building a 1/10 Balsa in the next couple of weeks to get the decklines and an approximation of the bulkhead measurements (I'll be posting pics for everybody's amusement). I'm researching a more rectangular beam form as opposed to the standard triangular Tiki 26 beams so I can keep them flush on the deck.




At 4:38am on June 23, 2011, Jose Alberto Garibaldi said…
Thank you for the call back Rory. Was planning to do it next week - will be away several weeks after. Happy to follow over mail-phone.
At 6:33pm on September 14, 2011, Iain & Cherry Mae Cairns said…

Good day Rory, I do not own that boat anymore, I did own her for about a year, due to circumstances life was very hard with a young family, so I sold the boat. Yes the mods that u made to the boat were very nice. I am modelling my new project on those mods as well. Looks like u had sum fun times when u were sailing, I bought the boat from a Yank who bought her from Mark, he was sailing around the islands as a medical ship, we sailed up & down the Austrailian coast & eventually sold the boat in Mackay, I believe it is still in that area. 

Thanx Iain

At 4:02pm on March 2, 2013, Richard Gordon David said…

Hi Rory, I'm Nibby David, new to this network a huge fan of your videos with Cookie. Not far from you live at Seaton East Devon been talking to Nick Martin and wife today at Exmouth. Ive just bought a unique Wharram it's a 29ft X 15ft Tanenui/Tiki hybrid intially built and launched in 1996 by Adrian Honeybill (ex secretary of Sea People Mag) she is currently ashore in Faversham kent, I'm bringing her round to my mooring at Starcross on the Exe in April. Hope to meet up with you sometime soon Cheers Nibby

At 1:25pm on March 26, 2013, Roger said…

Hi Rory,

I left a more detailed comment somewhere on your FB page about Belcher windvanes a few weeks ago. My key question was, do you think a OGT windvane could work center-mounted on a stern beam on the Tiki 21, or would there be two much wash and interference off the mainsail?

Many thanks,


At 4:34am on March 27, 2013, Richard Gordon David said…

Hi Rory, (almost spelt it like our cat Roary) Great to hear from you and really looking forward to meeting you on the Exe. I was booked for launch and bring around from Faversham this coming Easter Monday, but with the weather looking too close to zero have postponed launch till 24th April should be a bit warmer by then, my crew the boat's previous owner is 82 is pretty hardy and has been living on another boat at the yard for weeks now, iv'e told him to go home as I don't want to kill the poor old bugger off with hypothermia. Will meet up soon. Cheers Nibby

At 11:08am on March 27, 2013, Roger said…

Thanks Rory - great idea.


At 3:15pm on March 27, 2013, Richard Gordon David said…

Hi Rory, you can still view Tacenui Mae my Tanenui/Tiki hybrid so you know what to look out for when I bring her to the Exe. She is still advertised on Scott Brown's brokerage second one down marked as sold. Hope you agree that she is an interesting one off design, she is in fact 29ft LOA instead of the usual Tanenui hull length of 28ft basically her hull's are raised a little above what was the bulwarks then tiki style deckheads grafted on with GRP tiki 26 cross beams giving her a beam of 15ft. The solid tiki syle solid deck tray has raised seat benches and still gives wave clearance of around 2ft. The last owner added the mods of standing headroom pods which don't detract from the boats lines too much, and the unusual but useful aft cockpit with protection cuddy should prove quite dry for a wharram. The tiki rig is a slightly enlarged tiki 26 rig mainly a bit bigger mainsail, another mod is a boom as the last owner doesn't like the usual reefing arrangement of the tiki main. Apparently, she sails very well and I see no real reason why she shouldn't sail as well as a standard tanenui. Cheers Nibby

At 4:22pm on February 19, 2014, john james said…

Hoihoi Roy's computer is a real chuckle it actually reads my mind makes up my words like half boy toy know how horny.ohwell Ill switch over to manual is come by my webpage I'm confused about whether to use rope lashings her wedding to hold my 30 footer together.

At 4:32am on September 11, 2015, Ian Bamsey said…

Hi Rory, I see we now have two Tiki 21's in the Champagne Challenge. Can we make it a 1st and 2nd for Wharram? But which 21 will be first? Somehow I think I already know the answer to that one.

See you on the line.


At 8:08am on September 12, 2015, Ian Bamsey said…

Thanks Rory, I hope you do get out on Saturday. Current forecast looks like it will be 10knt or so on the nose. That plenty for me! I'm still hungry enough to get out whenever, but I can understand your view. 

At 6:40am on September 21, 2015, Ian Bamsey said…

Good choice Rory, The wind on the (re)start line was about 2knts SSE ish. The start was sounded and we took about 3 minutes to get over the line as the fleet edged away from us. My boat doesn't like going into light winds. We tried an alternative tactic and sailed out to sea. We were a firm last, but did make the dinner, just.

I did meet Nick and had a good chat with him about Tikis.

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