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At 11:27am on December 18, 2012, Rod McLaren said…

Thank you, Galway Boy. Yes, I believe we make our own fortune, good and bad, by what we are open to and what we attract. My life has been greatly blessed with many wonderful opportunities. Building the Tiki 21 was one of them - it is a real pleasure to work with such great plans. During the 3 winters that it was being built, I had no idea that it would one day sail in salt water, much less in the Gulf of Guinea!!  Once she is back in the water in February, I will be handing it over to my son. He plans to take surfers from his eco-lodge www.escape3points.com) to nearby surfing breaks that are only accessible by sea. I hope to have photos to post at that time.

Let me say that your Pahi 31 is gorgeous. I have long admired that design and if I were much younger, I might have been tempted to start a build. However, with age comes some wisdom, and I am quite content to stick with my new hobby - building recumbent bikes/trikes and such.

Best wishes,


At 9:06pm on March 23, 2013, Bill Ludeman said…

One thing that might help is to toggle back and forth between whatever you are looking at and the main page.  I don't know why that works but sometimes I post or read something and it seems to disappear.    Then I toggle it and it reappears.  Seems to be a NIM thing   I agree the forum has some wierd characteristics.  - It sure takes lots of time to hunt thru it.

At 1:28pm on April 1, 2013, paul anderson said…

hey Rod, yes mate it is a t26. i have the electrical left to do and a few odds and ends, hopefully in another three or four months as work progresses and funds are found she will be in the water this southern winter.

At 4:30pm on February 11, 2020, Steve Burrage said…

Got your message, Rod. For next summer, I'll still be using my Tiki 21 fully rigged (minus the mast!) on my trailer. Makes launching easy, but not so much highway travel. I'm thinking of getting a telescoping trailer, and then I'll be able to head East... or South! Nice Mana, btw!

At 4:54pm on June 30, 2020, john james said…

Hey Rod just reporting success in getting the main sale set using your technique because my Lift it's so minimal I had to reef the sale but it actually look good for the first time ever so thanks. I think we need to cut 12 to 14 inches from the foot or else add that much to the height of the mast itself.

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