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At 4:44am on February 2, 2014, Charles Eugene Marie said…

look like a good idea. iwill use a textil forstay without drum , hang on a beam at the bow

At 9:09am on February 25, 2014, Marc LaFrance said…

Just epoxy and fabric. Everything outside will be paint.

I've been watching for your sailing pictures. Congratulations! I'm envious.

At 5:58pm on June 9, 2014, Tam Dl said…

Hi Rogerio,

I am responding to your friend request.  I am selling my Tiki 46 plans, if you are interested or know anyone who is.  That Tiki 30 is just beautiful.

At 8:00am on May 3, 2015, Marc LaFrance said…


I meant to leave my last comment on your page, but I messed up.


At 3:36pm on November 10, 2015, john james said…

ahoy Rogero I have been scanning through your pictures looking for the mast Tabernacle I am confused over all of the full-size patterns and how to build them into the tabernacle I guess they fit into the mast I'm confused?

At 10:31pm on January 19, 2018, john james said…

Hey Roger how is your Jib furling serving you I'm thinking about acquiring one myself.

At 3:28pm on January 20, 2018, Rogerio Martin said…

Very well, never have a problem . I use Alado A0 see in http://www.alado.com/

At 12:03pm on February 8, 2018, Marc LaFrance said…

Hello Rogerio,
I just saw your comment on my page. Thank You.
I have been following your pics and videos for years now. I'very envied your sailing experiences while I was stuck in the details. You have a great boat as well. Congratulations to you my friend!

At 2:10am on July 29, 2019, Judy said…

She needs a bit of work

At 4:54pm on August 12, 2019, Alex parrish said…

unfortunetaly our pahi is not for sale.  

At 8:40am on July 29, 2020, Alex parrish said…

Rogerio... Do you happen to have some good pictures of your main sheet traveler setup on your Tiki 30? I'm trying to decide what to do for my Raka main sheet at the moment. 


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