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Again, Chuck and I devised a way to move the hull out of the shop so that hull 2 could be started. We devised a plan to use two 1000lb furniture dollies so that we could roll the hull outside. We both question the stability of the hull while on the dollies, but decided to give it a shot anyway.

We jacked up the hull in one location and inserted a dolly under the hull stand with Melissa's help, then repeated it on the second stand. Then we strapped it all together. We contemplated using a tractor to provide momentum, but found that we were able to easily push and stop the hull ourselves. So with trepidation, we proceeded to push the hull out of the shop out onto the blacktop. We laid down some old metal roofing on the blacktop so that the little dolly wheels would not dig in. We had alloted an entire day to this project, and it took us less than 90 minutes. about 75 of those minutes were spent just discussing if it would work or not.

We were all quite pleased with the ease and simplicity this process was. I am glad it is over.

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Comment by Bob Bois on April 4, 2009 at 10:53am
Hi Shane,
I'm planning on screwing industrial casters to the bottoms of my cradles on my Tiki 46 builld. That way I can move the hulls around as needed during the build.


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