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apprentice position offered on 48ft custom catamaran in Florida

I have been a multihull builder since 1976(Wharram type 1 Tangaroa) etc..I  have a lot of skills concerning construction and restoration that I want to transfer to an apprentice over a one-year period asap. I have been building this custom cat for 9 yrs, launched 2018; sea trials coming soon. You will learn: 1) designing  a live-aboard catamaran for very little money. 2)  safe use of fiberglass, epoxy, polyurethane adhesives, caulks, expanding foam; 3) marine woodworking alternatives to marine ply; 4) sanding, grinding, drilling, welding, fastening wood, metal, composites; 5) diesel and gas propulsion units; 6) mast and sail parameters - standing and running rigging; 7) 5 anchor types, rodes/ windlasses, bridles; 8)electrical systems and motors, marine wiring (voltage drop!); 9)kick-up rudders. cassettes, centerboards (fluid dynamics!); 10) techniques to stop leaks and reinforce hulls; 11) studying the relevant print and digital literature; 12) learning to think like an engineer. and much more.                                  The successful applicant will have quarters on board, get 3 meals/day, use of facilities  inhouse, receive a stipend of $200/wk, and be expected to assist me in whatever way furthers his/her skill level enhancement full-time. I am looking for someone who hasnt yet been   subjected to the duties and responsibilities of  modern life - i.e., still has his/her options open for the  projected training period of at least one year. I can make myself understood in several languages, so English fluency is not essential. Dedication and safety are paramount to me...

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