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Hi, I am very interest in the 38 or 46. I like what boatsmith did with the Ariki deck. Would it be possible to remove the deck pod and have a large roof like this? Is is practical on a tiki? What problems do you see? Also, I would like to raise to cabin roofs a bit by building storage on top. Would this idea work? Would these ideas get in the way of handling during sail or docking?

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I am planning a similiar but smaller roof behind my deckpod on my tiki 38 , the limiting thing is height for headroom under sails, mine is sloop rig and the boom is high enough to stand under. I want to be able to get from 1 hull to the other without going out in the rain.

Keep up with http://acatnameddog.com/, Captains Blog and the archives. We built a modified cockpit and will be installing a hard top on this Tiki 38.

It would be difficult to build a cockpit similar what Boatsmith did on Bazinga for a Tiki 38. Not sure about the Tiki 46.

The first problem is that the 38 only has 6' between the mast beam and beam 3. Bazinga has at least double this space between beams. The second problem is the design of the decks on the Tiki series compared to the Classics - Tikis have a sloping deck (tumblehomes) whereas the classics have a flat deck with the coach roofs on top. Creating a support system between the hulls on a classic is considerably less complex. The Tiki 46 also has limited space between the beams.

Why would you want to build storage on top of the cabin tops? There is more than enough storage internally on the 38 and 46. If you need more than that, then you need a bigger boat.

I see this is an old conversation, but this peaked my interest after watching this video of a boat tour of Tiki 38 Luckyfish: https://youtu.be/VsCa59fyNq8
This is the one up for sale here I believe: http://wharrambuilders.ning.com/forum/topics/tiki-38-luckyfish-for-...
I love the open cockpit without the deck pod. Just was wondering if that is the type of modification you ment Jerry? 


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