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Hi all, I'm Norm, we've just bought 'Jumpa Lagi' a Tiki 38', currently in the Philippines, leaving for Palau, then Raja Empat, then Arnhem Land, in a couple of months. 

Does anyone have any advice regarding the steering bar that joins the tillers? It's only 2/3 forward from the rudders, and this obviously makes the steering heavier, and seems to me to lose the benefit of the curved tillers. I'm thinking of moving the bar forward, nearer the end of the tillers, does anyone have any advice on this? 

many thanks and I look forward to rafting up with some of you folks in the future ;-) 

Happy sailing,


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Hi Norm

I do have a Tiki 38, and if the sails are well trimmed , the tiller wont make any major force to command your boat properly. At slow speed (like inside a marina) its not also a problem... the problem in changing the bar position is that its harder to pass it when the ramp is down or if you want to use a wind vane or autopilot since to correct the course the autopilot woul require too much movement to start to see any change in the direction... and you would get no batteries in less than a hour or making S shapes if using a wind pilot

I found out that our wind vane works better if the attaching point of the bar is at 18 inches from the rotating point of the rudder.

i am now curious what is the experience of other Tiki 38 owners ...



Thanks Alex, the wheel is easy, but I want to use the 'Ackerman Effect' from the curved tillers, and I can live with the inconvenience around the back, there's so many lines already it won't much much difference ;-) 

Many thanks for your response,

happy sailing, 


while sailing ackerman has lil effect since you are not turning like cars , , in any case the tiki has curved tillers due that effect. (i might suppose)... let us know what you solutions are... i am thinking in making a connection bar behind the rear beam


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