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Hi guys

i am designing some changes for my Tiki 38 , basically a new roof for the cockpit, add a freezer,renew the cockpit itself, and many other minor changes.

Does anyone have CAD or 3D Sketchup drawings ? I think it would be good idea to have a detail bank accessible for everyone that owns a tiki or has legally purchased the blueprints from James or not built boats. I do respect JW work and copy rights (I am an architect myself) , but my intention is about something different.

Have all planned in advance in drawings would help to have a better final look. And avoid costly building times later.

I am willing to collaborate in drawing the entire boat if someone else wants to join to the project. I think that doing this in Sketchup ( a free downloadable Google program) would make this more accessible for everyone. But we should only share those drawings with the proper people that previously owns a boat or have rights to build a new boat and JW would be not affected in his rights. In any case those drawings won't have construction details.



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Hello Alex , I am a designer who works on yachts (not a NA). I mostly work on sports fishing yachts but I am a wharram fan. I am sending you a redering of a Ariki I did last year. I am extremly busy for the next two and half monthes but if you can wait I can probably help you out...Kevin


I have not seen many "stock" Wharram's Alex. The photos of yours that I have seen seem to be one of the closest. Kevin is a very skilled designer artist with whom I work with regularly.   

hi Kevin

i downloaded yopur drawing but was just a photo. do you have the original in a drawing program? maybe i can manage to upload it to Sketchup .


Here are some drawings Kevin did to help work out the details and options of the New glass Ariki.

Hi Alex,

did you get any further in your Project? Iwould be intersted to join it.

PS i had some fittings cad drawn.

 hi bjorn

yes i got many things done in my boat. i am cruising the caribbean now in Luperon/dominican rep. right now... but i would love to have more information about you. please write me to my private mail berrypde@yahoo.com   ........... cheers, alex


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