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I’m currently building a tiki 30.   I currently own a tiki 26 and find the cabin access challenging, I’m 6’2”.    I was considering raising the shear line by a few inches to gain more cabin space/sitting head room.  Does anyone have my thoughts or experience with such a change??

can anyone recommend any modifications that they wish they had or had not done to their boats to improve the livability or performance.   Were the changes successful??? 

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I do theese sortes of change on my boat, the yellow one. Charles eugene marie .

Thanks Charles...the pictures of your boat are great and have given me many new options to consider.   Are there any things you might do different, or not do, now that you have sailed your boat for a while???

i am...hoping to/dreaming of...cruising the Gulf of Mexico, Bahamas and the Caribbean in 2-3 month intervals once the boat is complete.

Charles Eugene Marie said:

I do theese sortes of change on my boat, the yellow one. Charles eugene marie .

On the Tiki 30 I built many years ago, I raised the roof line by a couple of inches and followed that line through to the forward  cabin (raised cabin top between the forward beam and the centre beam). I would recommend both of these changes. 

Thanks Duncan.....that gives me a little more confidence.  I actually precut the bulkheads adding 2” plus to the height but have not made the final decision yet.   I think I will go with it.   Thank you

im building all the small parts right now, hatches , rudder(a couple of inches taller just in case), tiller, gaff etc.  Im guessing I’ll start the hulls sometime in the beginning of the new year.

any last words of wisdom???  Do you have any picture of you boat???


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