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Well i have just taken delivery of some double diamond netting from Haverford here in Oz.It is heavy duty stuff and i will figure out a way to lash it to the toe rails,i will not have eyelets on the edges of the net.I  intend to tie the net directly to the boat with maybe poly pipe as a straight edge and extra security.

cheers paul.

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I used poly pipe (electrical conduit) fed through the edge of the netting, then I tied the pipes to the beams & hulls with the sort of lashing you'd use to fix a sail to a yard.  It avoids any problems with chafe damaging the netting.  The mistake I made was getting the net made too big.  They stretch quite a lot over a couple of months so now I'll have to get mine cut down a bit...  Bear in mind where netting is concerned everything moves so chafe is the big enemy.

I would recommend lacing your tramps on with multiple lines per side. Then if one part fails it is less likely to be catastrophic.


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