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i have bought a tohatsu 6hp 4 stroke 25' longshaft for my girl for au $ 1985 .00 this comes with a high thrust prop and external fuel tank,the bloke who sold it to me says it has plenty of grunt,we shall see,i have bought a new motor as i am not a fan of second hand outboards.now for the fitting to the cockpit....

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The 6 hp is a great little OB! I added it to my T26 upon Scott Williams recommendation and it has been perfect. Does yours have the alternator? This OB reliably pushes Tsunamichaser along at 6-7 knots and is a gas miser. Regular oil, filter and plug changes will keep it smiling. Flush it with fresh water when you can. It starts easy too. My daughter could start it with a pull or two when she was 8. I like having mine in the cockpit. Other than pushing me along when the wind fails, it's a table, a foot rest, a foot warmer and a hand warmer when things get cold. It rarely cavitates in this position at the very back of the cockpit except in the shortest and steepest of chop.

Thomas these words are like music to the ears, i know from reading your blog that the fitment of the motor was a bit of a bastard,any thoughts?

cheers paul.

My Nissan 6hp (I'm told it's the same as a Tohatsu) long shaft cavitates a fair bit. I have considered swapping it for an extra-long shaft.  I'm wondering what might be different about your set up, Thomas?

What I have, just looked it up on the onlineoutboards website is a Nissan NSF6C4.  That's the saildrive version with a 25" shaft and alternator.  Mine is mounted in the cockpit close to the stern beam but down very low.  If I ground out on the hulls the motor skeg just touches the bottom if it's sand.  It just clears the cockpit sole.  Unless I'm really driving it into big waves it doesn't cavitate.  Where I sail if there are waves there is wind.  I never run the motor when there's wind.  Randall, where is your engine mounted?

 yes Thomas my brother has just pulled in literally half an hour ago with the motor,it is a saildrive with alternator and high thrust prop,the fella who sold it to me says it is a smidgin over 25' long,he reckons not to start it until i have a battery hooked up to it?you can be sure i will be poring over your blog today,measure twice cut once right? one more question,the timber strip you have running under the cockpit,what is this for?

cheers paul.


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