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I have to rebuild my pads. I'd like to build them the same way as on the Tiki 21, pads and cheeks.

The difference between the T21 and the T26 is that on the 26 the beams are also locked fore and aft on the outboard sides. On the 21 the beams are locked fore and aft only on the inboard sides of the beams.

Does someone knows the reason? There is somewhere on the forum the picture of a cracked beam socket on a 21. Here it is:

It shows a fore and aft locking cheek that does not seem to be part of the plan. I am wondering if that could be the reason why the beam cracked the cheek and the pad.

Any comments? Thanks, Thierry

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Folow the plan, fore and aft lock is not to blame. Cracked because the wood was weak or the blow was strong.


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