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Sorry everyone in the Tiki 21 group... I just posted my question as a message to all, instead of a discussion. Hope that doesn't cause anyone any stress. I'll learn!!

Here it is... was....

Hi everyone! Just doing some planning for more summer fun on my Tiki 21, and want to modify the engine placement or set up. Last summer, I added a little dodger and bimini (the bimini folds out of the way so I can see the sails and clamber out of the hull). It worked so well! I was in the shade when I wanted to be and cosy in the hull, with all lines (not the halyards) led back to the port hull. The only problem I faced in bigger waves was that an odd wave would collide with the vertical surface of the wood that holds the engine, hanging below the deck, sending a few cupfuls of water into the air and onto my lap! Brad on Beto  has an 'aft of the rear beam' set up, but I'm wondering if it'll cavitate too much. How about a sled, like Jim Brown did on the wonderful Searunner, Scrimshaw? Anyone have any solutions?

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It would be great to see some pictures of your setup :)

I would like to build some kind of dodger myself.

I'm not sure about the engine setup. Is your central platform built to plan?

To me it seems that most of the problems with water splashes in the cabin comes from when the bow hit a wave in a certain way. We seldom get water from the "engine hole" - a least not all the way to the cabins.


 I am also interested in repositioning my outboard to aft of the aft beam. My “to plan” decking is at the end of its life and I would like to replace it with a continuous deck from aft beam to mid beam without a hole with a klunking great lump of engine interfering with the open space. I was thinking about a sled hinged on or near the mid beam and a simple pully system to raise and lower the engine, perhaps a hinged bracket that could be unfolded into position and the pully tightened onto the bracket to make the whole thing rigid against rough waves clattering the sled under the beam. 

I would welcome any suggestions or pictures from someone who has already done it.




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