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Hello together,

I play with the Idea to put a Junk Rig on a Hitia 17. Do anybody has ever tride this? I didn't found anything in the net. Only in Yahoo was a thread but I don't get any access to the Pictures.

Really interessting can be a swing like Bertrand did it on his PHA but what to do with the Mast? i would like tol loeave it like it is if possible has anybody tried this on a smal boat like Hitia 17?

My be also interesting or an idea


It would be greate if anybody can help.

Thanks Oli

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There is an article in The Sea People Nº 15 about a junk rigged Hitia 17 by Pierre La Plante. With this boat called Skua he made a 750 miles cruise departing from Quebec in 1990. Also there is a picture of Skua in the book "Multihull voayaging" from T. F. Jones.

Hi Andres,

hanks a lot for your help. Now I got an idea how it looks and work.
With a rig like PHA swing dose anyone have experians?
Thanks Oli


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