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Hello all,
I have exactly this rig design of Amate a Pahi 42, but since I bought the boat used and the seller was unfortunately not an honest person, I did not get a rig plan despite agree. I would like to know where the attachment points etc. are. I also have problems with the sail when reefing.

I can't take any pictures right now as we have completely disassembled the boat to make repairs. Old pictures with the sails I have of course.

I would be very happy if someone could help me gladly also PM.

Thanks in advance for your help Oli

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Hi Oliver, I built a Pahi 42ft with schooner riged wingsails and sail in the Madagascar area.

Will take my boat out at end of April for extensive maintenance.

"Attachment pionts" meaning where your blocks are situated?

Will be glade to help.

Dries de Jager

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