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I am going to build a Tiki 26 and trying to source the wood.

In the study guide it says 6mm ply WBP exterior, OR Marine ply.

I wrote to Wharram, and they say only use marine ply.

At 52 pound a piece from the uk (I am in Denmark)


I think its really pushing my budget too far, 25 ound would be ok..

Whats your experience?

Can I use a good WBP thats well tested (I plan to boil it of course)

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A big DON"T.  It's OK to put  a layer of Light glass cloth on the outside. But don't use polyester resin to bond the cloth.   Use only a good quality thin Epoxy.    If you do use polyester you will live to regret it.

Don't ask how I know. :(

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